Day 15 of 90: 4 strong meals, EY, bball, jumping better!!

Today i'm beginning to feel back to normal even more:) eating at home again and NOT having to get up early and teach or work all day is very cool:) haha. Since training my HSW and PW yesterday today became a jumping and running day and it worked out great as i was very busy today teaching a class, training my high school and college players and an NBA player. all the trainings went great! all the athletes did a great job, my NBA player has improved from touching 11'3 off two feet to 11'7" in just the last 3 weeks and he also added a foot to his 5 jump broad jumps going from 52' total distance to a very very strong 53' even!!! Most all of my high school / college players are now dunking with one band of the power jumper on as well which is really really cool...makes the 0 set very easy dunking and i love seeing them cup dunk hard:) (cup dunk for those who dont know what it is is when you curl the ball in against your forearm and dunk to get up alot higher but it looks and feels sick!!!:)

MBG 1 RESTORATION: Did the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, 3 x hot / cold shower after felt good!

Barefoot (VFF) run - 1.4 miles, just ran technique again (5 laps), but decided to time it for the first time as i am going to slowly begin to add more and more speed to my running as i am beginning to feel my knee is feeling stronger each week and i can soon begin to make my workouts more dynamic pretty soon. My time for my run was 14:45, which is very very slow but i only timed it for a baseline time and i am 100% focusing on proper running technique while doing my VFF running to strengthen my foot and thus my knee.
My little mama and me:) She had her 80th B-day yesterday:)
2 legged vertical jumps: not happening yet but i think in the next two weeks i can start this slowly!!
1 legged jumps to the rim: not yet feeling alot better and actually played a 1 on 1 with one of my HS athletes after their workout tonight...although we were just playing easy it felt very good to play again and not have knee pain...the path back is right on track!!!:)
Broad jumps: Power Jumper (R6) 2/1/0 jumps across the 15 yard floor: 2 bands 46'2" feet (up 8") on 6 jumps, 1 band 42' feet on 5 jumps (improved again on this one, so did not do the 6th jump), 0 bands 44' feet on 5 jumps (improved 6" from last week!!). Really happy with my results and how my knee has been progressing:)
Jungle Gym foot up lunges: 2 x 20s decided to do some higher rep work today and it felt great!!!
Jungle Gym curls: 3 x 8/8s + 12k's laying on my hips: Did the same here as well and did higher reps again and again it felt really good, like the BW more but it's good to throw the kb's in once in a while:) MBG 3 Nutrition: Ate 4 full meals today and it felt really good, so may do this more often.
BREAKFAST - bowl of grapes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, 2 bananas, dates, walnuts, SOLife
LUNCH - spinach wrap with hummus, green veggies, onions, peppers, spinach
LUNCH 2 - mixed greens, beets (the bomb:), sesame seeds, sprouts, some tofu
DINNER - jessie threw down again:) haha, love her cooking man!!! mixed greens, onions, spinach, pine nuts salad, then had some veggie burger, eggplant, spinach, guacomole (home made!!)
DESSERT:) - her vegan key lime pie, man this is off the charts good!!! got to have it:)

Feeling good today was great!! really feel like my MBG 3 is on point, paying attention to all 3 is key to continued improvement, paying attention to family, friends, animals and this world all key too:) keeping it simple...i want to laugh all the time, i want to be happy, to share with others who are excited about training, living healthy & being happy:) thats it:) hahaha
good night my friends,
peace,  J

showing our Lifeline gear here tomorrow so got to get some sleep!!:)
peace my friends:)


  1. Jon
    If anyone told me before that I could maintain my mass or feel so strong on vegan diet I would have told them they where crazy .I don't know if my glycogen stores where low before but my muscles feel pumped all the time.My weight is between 170-175 and I am more cut up.Breakfast was 1 banana, strawberries,grapes almonds and dates lunch was lentil soup and sweet potatoes dinner was a wrap of spinach,lentils,squash and guacamole and a hanful of dates. I just did yoga as I was very sore from weekend. Something that I added so i can be on all MB3. Another thin I tried was kb power clean 15/15 wow this was hard but I loved the way I felt.


  2. 1) Your mom is 80? She certainly doesn't look it or act like it! A hearty happy birthday to her!!

    2) Thanks John for the comment. I'm still struggling with where the protein comes from for mass on such a diet...nice to see someone else pulling it off too.


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