Day 12 & 13: traveling to toronto and not feeling good

travelled to Toronto to show some of my dads and mine Lifeline equipment all day friday
and today saturday and it ended up being just too much travel right after doing the intensive course
did not realize how much energy i'd used up teaching til we got on the plane to fly....tired a bit:) haha
need a rest and recovery and i knew it so i thought instead of training to train on top of working all day
i decided to rest at night and not train friday and saturday...worked all day today and then got on a flight home and no way i'm training tonight:) haha
so my MBG 3 training? well did my eischens yoga each day, did eat plant based and i did do all types of
chin ups and pullups all day each day but they were very easy compared to what i normally do and the same is true for my HSW replacements of various push ups on the jungle gym, power push up and others exercises.
i'm tired:) and going to bed....listening to my body and to recover otherwise all this work, too little rest will catch up and beat me down...cant have that if i'm going to achieve my goals....SO, i'm not doing that:)
good night y'all:)
sunday will be a rest day, might do a VFF run, light and some EY for sure and eat to get back on track:)
peace my friends,


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