Day 11 of 90: barefoot run, jumps, legs

MBG 1 RESTORATION: Did a few simple poses during my workout, 3 x hot / cold shower after felt good!

Barefoot (VFF) run - 1.4 miles, just ran technique to our 880 yard marker on the bike path and back then ran another 440 running the last 220 at about 65% which made me happy my knee felt just a bit of pressure but was okay:)
2 legged vertical jumps: not happening, tried but it hurt a bit so dont want to aggravate it! Smart man!
1 legged jumps to the rim: not yet, gonna just stick to basics for another 2 weeks.
Broad jumps: Power Jumper (R6) 2/1/0 jumps across the 15 yard floor: 2 bands 45'6" feet on 6 jumps, 1 band 48'6" feet on 6 jumps, 0 bands 43'6" feet on 5 jumps. Even though i did this same workout basically two days ago i jumped a few inches further...over 5-6 jumps...about an inch a jump:) haha not much but it is still improvement and the knee was cool:)
Jungle Gym foot up lunges: 3 x 8s + 12k's...this felt good again so, i really like how things are progressing!
Jungle Gym curls: 3 x 8/8s + 12k's laying on my hips: This was better as well adding the kbs to lay on my hips adds nice resistance to this exercise and changes up the feel a bit which i wanted and so i did 8 regular JG curls, then did JG runners for 8s immediately after the 8 8 curls/8 runners!
MBG 3 Nutrition:
BREAKFAST - bowl of grapes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, dates, walnuts, SOLife
LUNCH - mixed greens, corn, carrots, mushrooms, edemame beans, some tofu, peppers
DINNER - big bowl of oriental veggies, garlic mushrooms, some spice rice a few pieces of bread and olive the marriot hotel when we got in to was really good:) !!! hey hey hey!!

showing our Lifeline gear here tomorrow so got to get some sleep!!:)
peace my friends:)


  1. Jonny,

    6 days after I hurt my back, my back is so much better. certainly still sore but after some body work and acupuncture, following my beginners sequence this morning I am on the mend.

    I figure my challenge period has started but I am going to give myself a few days before I start doing any handstand training.

    I think one of the key things I'm going to do is getting better at hinging from the waist and sticking my but out so that i strengthen my back and don't injur by back by weak forward flexion. am I making sense?

    My form needs improvement. I got that from feedback today.

    Next update coming soon.

    Beginner yoga sequence every day!

  2. Here it is the 14th of August, less than 1 week after my back tweak that left me unable to get up and thanks to you Jonny, and that adjustment in attitude, outlook and practice (jumping right into the yoga solution), I am at nearly fully movement Today, Saturday!!!!!!!

    That's the fastest recovery I have every experienced. I did have some acupuncture and body work yesterday, but in the past, I would have stopped exercising besides a yoga pose here and there, and suffered! Geez.

    Today, my body is in better alignment after one week with my focus on the beginner sequence and I am hinging at my waste like never before. As I said in my last post, I think this was a big issue for me. and it explains my over developed quads and underdeveloped (proportionally) hamstrings and lower back.

    Really sticking my but out.

    Been a great week.

    Did my beginner sequence this AM and roughly 25 well hinged squats.

    Feeling good.

    Like I can get into training again soon, starting next week. Meanwhile every day yoga sequence, and beginning to work on my handstand. starting next week.

  3. awesome john:) super happy to hear how well you're coming along!!:) keep me posted okay!


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