Day 10 of 90: HSW, Rope Climb, PW+40 speed crawls

Day 3 of 90 was without question my toughest day of training yet!
Did my best to re-coup after the intensive but needed alot more rest and recovery and i was just dragging today...despite this though....I STILL IMPROVED:) haha over last weeks workout.

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, held each pose 4 breath. Rested for a bit before training as i was too tired to train earlier in the day at my usual time and had lots of meetings too so had to workout later in the day and whew that was definitely a challenge.

Handstand walk (100 yards + in afsap): 36 yards, 36y, 30y = 102 yards!! Two sets of 36 was good, very surprised i did this considering how exhausted i was...pretty happy with this...2 sets of 36 yards is great!!
alternated with
20' rope climb: 60' (3 times to top), 60' = 120 feet:) again this is good and still improvement:) This is great:) 2 sets of 3 times to the top:) good improvement!
rested 5 minutes, then did:
Speed power wheel + 40lb vest crawls...this went great too!
3 sets of 20 yards in: 14 seconds, 14 seconds, *13 seconds (this is really great!! solid improvement again!!) Cut 2 seconds off each set from last week!!

OVERALL WORKOUT: really hard today...had all i could to do them as i was truly very tired...actually dont like to train when this tired but i really want to stay on point over these 90 days and persevere thru hard days like this...extremely happy with my results today. the fact that i still improved over last weeks best numbers makes me very confident for next week...feeling more recovered and rested i will easily do these numbers and more!!!:)

Overall felt amazing today a 4 Stars!!!

Breakfast: big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds, SOLife.
Lunch: Spinach, peaches, banana, walnuts, source of life
Dinner: Jessie threw down!! From scratch she made veggie burgers (awesome!!), home made french fries, big mixed salad....needed a heavy meal and she made some energy back:)
Dessert: here she really outdid herself....vegan key lime pie!!!! off the hook:) had two pieces:) hahaha

Energy today was low...i did my best though and the results of the day...good!!!:)


Tomorrow jess and i fly to Toronto to the CANFIT expo to demonstrate our Lifeline USA equipment and talk to all the trainers up there...i'm gonna do my best to stay on point with my training:) back home on sunday night and then have a few weeks without lecturing:) yeah!!!!
Now smile and lets make the world Greener, Healthier and Happier:) haha


  1. Did not train today I was up at 4:00 to go to the airport to drop off family. Then I worked up to 6:30 last night by the time I got home it was almost 8:00 and was realy tired.And just made dinner.
    Food was good I think breakfast was 2 bannas ,strawberries and dates and almonds. Lunch whole wheat wrap, beans ,corn guacamole a scoop of rice and a scoop of chicken sorry still new to being 100 % vegan. Light snack almonds and dates dinner two vegi burgers and spinach and water. before dinner weighed myself on my scale usally use the gym scale.In my shorts it had me at 175 at the gym has me a little over 170 don't know which one is completly right but I feel strong and my muscles feel full. Like if I had a creatine pump.Tommorow training will be good and pb diet has me all pumped up and ready to train hard.


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