Day 1 of 90!!! PW, HS and more!

Today was my first day of 90 days to achieve 3 big goals:
Dunking, 100 yard PW crawl + 40lb vest and 100 yard handstand walk!
well today i began my adventure and it went great:)
Power Wheel crawl + 40lb vest - 100 yards in as few sets as possible AND as fast as possible: 30 yards, 30 yards, 30 yards, 10 yards in 3:24
This does two things i want to achieve my goal...trains the distance AND the conditioning i need for it!

Handstand walking: wanted to go easier on this day will do this first and harder on wednesday. So i did 4 sets of 15 yards as fast as possible....THIS HELPED ALOT!  Really helped me get my speed up for this event with last set done in 16 seconds and 18 strides (L/R = 1 stride). I got to work on improving my speed on both PW and HSW's as time under tension needs to be as little as possible in order to achieve these two goals.

15/15 x 10 minutes of kips resisted with 60lb C-band:
did sets of 5 for the whole thing and man this was an awesome workout, finished strong and hit 100 reps for the whole thing!! Awesome workout:)

RESULTS: left feeling like a am off to a great start, each exercise felt strong and i felt fresh and strong leaving the MBG which is my goal:)

BREAKFAST: mixed fruit with 3 bananas on top and a bunch of sliced almonds and hemp seeds!!!
LUNCH 1: half a mixer of spinach, mango, walnuts, source of life scoop
after workout LUNCH 2: second half of spinach smoothie...added some more bananas and nuts:) !!!
DINNER: Jessie thru down and made vegan quesidillas and some greens and polenta....ahhhh ate too much and it jacked up my stomach:) haha i'll survive though and am looking forward to day 2 of my quest!

Great start!! Got a ton of work done too today! My plan is to really keep my workouts short and sweet but never overwhelming myself and making sure i get great food in me, lots of water and lots of sleep! On November 2nd, 2010 i am going to Dunk, PW crawl 100 + 40lb vest and HSW 100 yards!!
So it is written!! So is it DONE!!
each day you will start to see my plan so stay tuned and join me if you want!
MBG 3 my friends!!!
Peace and Honor!


  1. good work, Jonny, as soon as I am on my feet again and feelin better I will be joining you with the foods you eat.

    Will ease back into training and crank more bodyweight and jumps (resisted jumps) so will need to get some heavier bands

    Being sick makes me REALLY look at my foods and focus on my health and minimizing the foods that cause inflammation

    Lots of soul searching going down now

    Thanx Brutha!!!

  2. Hey mate-Decided after your recent posts to give 3 goals a crack. Have had them all as non specific goals of late however now I will get serious plan it out properly as I should have done all along.
    1) Handstand walk 50m Currently at 10m (Got some work to do)
    2) Power wheel crawl 100m with 10kg vest ( my current weight is 235lb at present so total with vest 257lb) crawled to 55m this morning Lt Dan style, not pretty.
    3) 100 reps with the 32,s cl & press drill, rehabing back whilst doing this so I will aim at 80 reps and progress accordingly. Presently at 48 reps.
    I Have given myself 6 months until you guys get over here for the CNT course to achieve these.
    It great to now have some direction with training as its been hectic getting the new gym off the ground. Cant wait to get into it.

    Zack, mate how crook are you, is it a virus or a little more serious? Hope you are on the road to recovery.


  3. ZACKARIAH!!! - got to join me on the eating AND the goals too my friend....3 hard core ones!!! as soon as you get well first :) haha

    OZ - the wonder from down under!! man oz that is cool as heck you're gonna join me! very happy to hear that...all 3 great goals! Dinners on me if you get all 3:) big dinner every night if we get 100 reps:) haha!! we're gonna get that mate!!!!!


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