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Day 30 of 90:) Barefoot, jump training, Video of Spinach Smoothie!!

Another very good and busy day, meetings in the am, plyo leg workout for dunking:), quick spinach smoothie (above), then shot the last leg of our new JGXT dvd "Training the Trainers" which went really well, filmed it with Jessica Rucker my Monkey Bar Gym Madison head trainer, Greg Metzler our new MBG COO and Dusty Mattison our MBG Madison Manager...they all did a great job and the DVD turned out great!!:)
MBG 1 restoration: Did my favorite two poses, front warrior and supine bridge for 3 sets of 30 seconds each, love doing these two to open the hips and re-align the feet and legs.

MBG 2 training: Today was my first day of doing vertical jumps to the rim:
Power Jumper 2/1/none x R8 (resistance level Green, is 8th of 10's heavy:) for sets of 8
At two bands: 8 jumps to 9'5"
At one band: 8 jumps to 9'10" feel pretty good about this...only 2" from the rim resisted, this is a good first day of vertical jumping:) very happy about this:)
At no ba…

Day 29 of 90: Handstand walking, Rope climbs and PW + 52lb vest

Feeling a bit better again today...had to as i worked from 8-12 on MBG chicago, 12-1 class, 1-2:30 training Wesley Matthews (Portaland Trail Blazers) and one of his teammates from HS who is now a college stud:), ate lunch, then was back at it from 4-6:30pm, then trained then taught some of my new trainers some...long day...ate dinner at 8:45pm tonight!!:) haha, long day...BUT a good day:)
Got my MBG 1 in leading the beginner Eischens Yoga sequence for the noon class:) That is a great way to get your Eischens Yoga training in...teach it before every class:) That is what we do at the Monkey Bar Gymnasium every day, every class:) I asked my students today if they liked doing it every day before class and 100% said YES!!:) haha, okay just checking i said:) we've been doing it every day at the MBG for many years, it is why we dont have people in pain, dont have any serious back or knee pains or neck pains:) not bad for 12 minutes a day:) haha
MBG 2: 
Handstand Walks - 36 yards, 36 yards, …

Day 27 of 90: biked alot easy, Broad Jumps, Swings, FUL's

Felt pretty good:)

MBG1: restoration - did front warrior and supine bridges, hot cold shower
MBG2: training -
Runners warm up with some single and double leg jumps to prep for workout, the single leg jumps felt good to do and no knee pain at all!!
Broad Jumps - Power Jumper R8 (green) 2/1/0 felt good, strong and feeling almost back to where i left off last 0 i jumped 2" shorter than last weeks 44'10" so that is good:)
Double KB swings - did 5 sets of 8 with the 28s...yeah this is alot lighter than usual but it felt good and was a good starting point for me.
Foot Up Lunge (back foot on box) - 5 sets of 5 with 28s...this felt good knee pain so i know my knee is getting better!

MBG3: eating -
soaked oats, dates, bananas, almonds, SOlife
greens, carrots, corn, beets, eggless tofu salad,
vegan ice cream
fruit bowl strawberries, grapes, blueberries, walnuts, dates

good day, felt better again today and am confident i'm getting better to 100% v…

Day 26 of 90: back on track a bit!! HSW, Rope climbs, PW at 75%

Woke up feeling alot better, about 70% compared to about 50% all last week and felt good enough to workout...paid attention to how i felt big time and toned it down alot when feeling tired.

MBG 1: Restoration - Beginner Eischens Yoga sequence and hot cold shower and 2 hour massage which felt great!!
MBG 2: Training - HSW, RC, PW
alternate sets of HSW and RC and felt okay, not strong yet but at least i got started a bit again.
Handstand walks: 30 yards (this was alot harder than i wanted it to be so knew i'm not 100%:), 30 yards, 15, 15, 15, 15 = 120 yards total
Rope climbs: 40 feet (this also did not feel so great, but expected it a bit:), 40', 20', 20', 20', 20' = 160 feet
rested as much as i wanted between sets and my totals were good because of it...felt good to train again!

Power Wheel crawl + 52lb vest: 30 yards, 30 yards, then 4 sets of 15 yards in 15 seconds each set for a total of 120 total yards

MBG 3: Eating
breakfast - fruit bowl of grapes, blueberries,…

Day 25 of 90: did 2 videos shoots today and rode my bike a bit:)

Well today we had TWO video shoots!!
In the morning we did one at the MBG for TV and this took about 2 hours of doing our
workouts and talking about the went pretty well and everybody who joined us
really did a great job. Got to love your students who come in and support what your doing
with there free time!! Very Very cool!!
From there we rode our bikes out to the west side of madison (about 8 miles) to do our
advanced exercises for the NEW Jungle Gym dvd...this also went pretty well too and took
another 4 hours so after riding back to the MBG downtown we'd been pretty busy this day:)
It was pretty funny though how crazy tired i felt after this:) the crazy thing about riding out
there (at about 10 mph:) was little hills or stiff breezes were making me cough like crazy!
either way it was good to get home and relax.
it's also very cool some people wrote me and said Jon Chill out my friend, rest and recover!
much appreciation my friend! that is cool!
i'm chillin th…

Day 24 of 90: easy training day

Today my energy was a bit better, still not feeling recovered so i thought it would be smart to
take another day at 50% effort.

MBG 1: did beginners Eischens Yoga sequence...good:)
MBG 2: did easy workout;
push ups on fists - 10, 10, 10, 10, 10
L seat chin ups - 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Handstand hold - 60 sec, 45, 45, 45
felt good and easy
MBG 3:
spinach, mango, banana, SOLife, almonds smoothie
organic food bar
vegan gumbo (man this was awesome!!)
bag of brocolli, edemame, corn, bell peppers, red beans in my big fruit bowl
3 vegan cookies:)

hey guys, i'm doing my best, looking at recovering my energy, looking at feeling strong again:)
did not mention that one month ago doing our 75s workout i got "Lung Burn". It is a literally
burning sensation to your lungs you get immediately during or after a very very intense workout.
metabolic workouts will do this and in my case one did...broke my old record on it but the lung
burn was not worth the price of achieving this. You begin coughing…

Day 23 of 90: drive to chicago and back, then legs and jumping!

Drove down to get the keys to MBG Chicago today!!
Met with contractor and laid out how it's gonna look:) very exciting!!
got back about 7pm so did a quick workout and gonna hit the hay early tonight.

MBG 1: Did back domes, front warriors for about 3 sets each today!
MBG 2: spinach mango banana SOlife smoothie with added almonds
went to whole foods in Chicago...awesome salad bar, crushed it:) haha
kale, edemame, carrots, corn, beets, sunflower seeds, eggless tofu salad
leftovers from last night after my workout...lots of veggies, some brown rice,
then some romaine and hummus, then made some popcorn with flax oil on it:)
MBG 3: Power Jumper 2/1/0 drill
did it a bit different today and it felt good...had to do it at home too on some grass so no good measurements.
PJ2 x 8 jumps, rest, 6 jumps, rest, 6 jumps
PJ1 x 8, 6, 6
no PJ x 8, 6, 6
did these in kangaroo broad jump style too...rebound immediately after landing and jump again and really opened up the hips on each jump...was great!

Day 22 of 90: HSW, Rope, PW + 52lbs crawls

If you read my last post i mentioned some fatique since the intensive course.
Because of this i've got to pay attention to this big time and not push myself over the edge.
So today even though i'm feeling a bit better, still not at 100%, so did more sets at lower intensities:
MBG 1: Did Eischens Yoga beginner sequence
MBG 2: 
Handstand walks: 125 yards total walked varying in distance from 12 yards to 30...did 6 sets total
Rope climbs: 130 feet climbed on 6 sets: 20, 20, 20, 30, 20, 20
did these in a really relaxed easy manner and they felt good, not too overwhelming at all.

Then did Power Wheel crawls but added extra weight...52lbs! actually this went great!
40 yards, 40 yards, 30 yards = 110 yards total.
the first set of 40 was very very easy, for sure could have done 60 yards on my first set for sure!!

MBG 3: 
spinach smoothie: spinach, mangos, bananas, SOlife and pumpkin seeds and almondsezekial bread, raw cashew butter, 100% strawberry jam (P&J sandwich) healthy style:)kale,…

Day 19, 20, 21 of 90: listening to my body

Hey y'all, well as much as i've wanted to stay on the 5 days on/ 2 days rest cycle i'm taking this fri-sun off to re-coup my body and mind...i need it as the last few weeks have been overwhelming and i have not rested and slept enough to restore my energy. still eating clean, still doing my beg EY seq, but reading and resting and sleeping more to help restore my energy so i can come back on monday feeling stronger and continue my progress for the rest of the 90 days.
my lesson here...i'm not superman, i need to re-charge and re-store.
during the intensive i just kept saying do my best to just keep going...and i did..but fatique crept in
after that the toronto trip, same mindset...keep going...a bit more fatique crept in
then this last week of training...yes i progressed but towards the last day, despite still improving on my time from last week the exercises did not feel as easy...i did not feel strong but just did it because i have a strong mind and because i had a ti…

63" & 60" box jumps

Day 18 of 90: 9:34!! last week 11:20:)

It's late, i've worked alot:) this is gonna be short:) haha
Did EY beg sequence
Ate strong plant foods all day
Training was great!
Handstand Walks - 100 yards afap: 37, 30, 18, 15 = 100 in 4:11 (cut about 40 seconds off last week!)
Rope Climb - 100 feet afap: 60 feet, 40 feet = 2:39 (cut 49 seconds off last week:)
Power Wheel + 40lb vest - 100 yards afap: 40, 30, 30 = 2:44 (cut 23 seconds off last week:)
total time was 9:34!! cut 1:46 off my total from last week:)

Did the new dvd for...the NEW JGXT (jungle gym x-treme) is coming out in october and it's gonna be DOPE!!!!:)
got to hit the hay:)

Day 17 of 90: VFF run, plyos, legs and AC box jumping 63"!!!

Today was a good strong day:)!!!
Got to say something awesome happened today while training my bball players. 4 of them jumped onto a 60" box!! One even hit 63"!! Which beats his previous record of 60"!!
Congratulations AC Crawley for the 63" box jump and big shout out to Memphis Greene and Brooks Braga for their 60" box jumps!! Adam Wadzinski just barely missed at 60"as well!

MBG 1 RESTORATION: Did the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, 3 x hot / cold shower after felt good!
Barefoot (VFF) run - 2 miles, just ran technique again (7 laps). My time for my run was 19:00, which is a bit faster but still i'm not running hard yet, good news my knee felt fine for the entire workout for the first time since beginning this challenge and i'm still on pace to begin doing vertical jumps in about 10-14 days i think which is great!!

Broad jumps: Power Jumper (R6) 2/1/0 jumps across the 15 yard floor: 2 bands 46'8" feet (up 6" more inches)…

Day 16 of 90!! Strong & Improving!! PW+40, Rope+40, HSracing!!

Day 16 of 90 Whew!! a long long day:) had alot of meetings today from 8-9 and then 9:30 to 3:30, then worked out, then some phone meetings til about 6pm!! Dang! Had to do it though:) haha

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and hot cold shower after workout

Power Wheel crawls + 40lb vest: 40 yards...very very easy!!! Stopped at 40 could of for sure broke my record on the first set, but i want to pace myself each workout so i keep the momentum going strong each week...second set 40 yards...again pretty easy, third set went for it and hit 52 yards!!! A new PR and i did it on my last set!! This really gives me alot of confidence for hitting the 100 yard Power Wheel crawl with 40lb vest!!:)

alternated PW with Rope Climbs...both with 40lb vest!! First time doing this and the Rope with vest was very challenging!

20' Rope Climbs + 40lb vest: 40', 20', 20', 20' = 100 feet. This was extremely challenging...BUT...i did it:) haha If any of you are…

Day 15 of 90: 4 strong meals, EY, bball, jumping better!!

Today i'm beginning to feel back to normal even more:) eating at home again and NOT having to get up early and teach or work all day is very cool:) haha. Since training my HSW and PW yesterday today became a jumping and running day and it worked out great as i was very busy today teaching a class, training my high school and college players and an NBA player. all the trainings went great! all the athletes did a great job, my NBA player has improved from touching 11'3 off two feet to 11'7" in just the last 3 weeks and he also added a foot to his 5 jump broad jumps going from 52' total distance to a very very strong 53' even!!! Most all of my high school / college players are now dunking with one band of the power jumper on as well which is really really cool...makes the 0 set very easy dunking and i love seeing them cup dunk hard:) (cup dunk for those who dont know what it is is when you curl the ball in against your forearm and dunk to get up alot hig…

Day 14 of 90: tired but still did it!! HSW, Chins, PW40 crawl

Day 14 of 90 for sure a tough day of training, felt about 60-70% ready to go but felt today was a good chance to do my HSW and PW40 crawls on football field...i usually do both of these at the MBG on my 15 yard floor, so i usually do alot of turning. Either way, not feeling good, still wanted to take advantage of a full field to train.
Intensive and trip roughed me up but i still improved!!!:) this makes me very happy as i did not even feel up to training today at all...still very tired but had to do it:)

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence

Handstand walk (100 yards + in afsap): 45** yards (**ties my all time PR!) , 37y, 31y = 113* yards!! VERY HAPPY with this result! tied my all time record while tired is very very cool and set a 3 set (over 100 yards) record too, previous was 105 yards
alternated with
chin ups: did about 100 sets yesterday in toronto demonstrating the pull up revolution so did not intend on doing these hard today and i felt it...a bit tir…

Day 12 & 13: traveling to toronto and not feeling good

travelled to Toronto to show some of my dads and mine Lifeline equipment all day friday
and today saturday and it ended up being just too much travel right after doing the intensive course
did not realize how much energy i'd used up teaching til we got on the plane to fly....tired a bit:) haha
need a rest and recovery and i knew it so i thought instead of training to train on top of working all day
i decided to rest at night and not train friday and saturday...worked all day today and then got on a flight home and no way i'm training tonight:) haha
so my MBG 3 training? well did my eischens yoga each day, did eat plant based and i did do all types of
chin ups and pullups all day each day but they were very easy compared to what i normally do and the same is true for my HSW replacements of various push ups on the jungle gym, power push up and others exercises.
i'm tired:) and going to bed....listening to my body and to recover otherwise all this work, too little …

Day 11 of 90: barefoot run, jumps, legs

MBG 1 RESTORATION:Did a few simple poses during my workout, 3 x hot / cold shower after felt good!
Barefoot (VFF) run - 1.4 miles, just ran technique to our 880 yard marker on the bike path and back then ran another 440 running the last 220 at about 65% which made me happy my knee felt just a bit of pressure but was okay:)
2 legged vertical jumps: not happening, tried but it hurt a bit so dont want to aggravate it! Smart man!
1 legged jumps to the rim: not yet, gonna just stick to basics for another 2 weeks.
Broad jumps: Power Jumper (R6) 2/1/0 jumps across the 15 yard floor: 2 bands 45'6" feet on 6 jumps, 1 band 48'6" feet on 6 jumps, 0 bands 43'6" feet on 5 jumps. Even though i did this same workout basically two days ago i jumped a few inches further...over 5-6 jumps...about an inch a jump:) haha not much but it is still improvement and the knee was cool:)
Jungle Gym foot up lunges: 3 x 8s + 12k's...this felt good again so, i really like how…

Day 10 of 90: HSW, Rope Climb, PW+40 speed crawls

Day 3 of 90 was without question my toughest day of training yet!
Did my best to re-coup after the intensive but needed alot more rest and recovery and i was just dragging today...despite this though....I STILL IMPROVED:) haha over last weeks workout.

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, held each pose 4 breath. Rested for a bit before training as i was too tired to train earlier in the day at my usual time and had lots of meetings too so had to workout later in the day and whew that was definitely a challenge.

Handstand walk (100 yards + in afsap): 36 yards, 36y, 30y = 102 yards!! Two sets of 36 was good, very surprised i did this considering how exhausted i was...pretty happy with this...2 sets of 36 yards is great!!
alternated with
20' rope climb: 60' (3 times to top), 60' = 120 feet:) again this is good and still improvement:) This is great:) 2 sets of 3 times to the top:) good improvement!
rested 5 minutes, then did:
Speed power wheel + 40lb…

Day 9 of 90! Last day of intensive and barefoot run, jumps, legs

Day 9 was like last tuesday a very long and challenging day begin the 6th day of the intensive...finishing the intensive is sort of like running a soon as you stop it
hits you and you feel like crashing big time:) haha went from about 8:30 am til about 2 today went home and crizzzzashed in my bed for about 2 hours did i need that!

MBG 1 RESTORATION:Did a few simple poses during my workout, hot / cold shower after felt good!
Barefoot (VFF) run - 1.4 miles (5 laps around MBG), just ran technique around the block focusing on technique only and it felt pretty good, knee did not get bothered at all.
2 legged vertical jumps: not happening, tried but it hurt a bit so dont want to aggravate it! Smart man!
1 legged jumps to the rim: did it for 3 sets of 8 reps each side but at 50% effort. Had to get the feel of it, resisted it with an R4 C-band connected to a wall and still jumped towards the rim...not close to it:) haha but i jumped towards a few we…

Day 8 of 90: PW, HSW, Kips

Day 8 of 90 days to achieve 3 big goals:
Dunking, 100 yard PW crawl + 40lb vest and 100 yard handstand walk!
well today i began my adventure and it went great:)

MBG 1: 
Restoration - day 5 of the intensive was awesome again, we did alot of our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and individual poses today and everyone really loved it:) before lunch we did a quick fix any problem session, students went around helping each other to fix pains and you know was really amazing:) The ability of Eischens Yoga to heal pains in the body in just seconds is just incredible....all over the room people would stand up out of the poses with amazed looks on their's simply amazing:) priceless to see the looks on their faces:) LOVE IT:) 

MBG 2: 
WORKOUT DAY 8: Taking it to the next level this week!!
Power Wheel crawl + 40lb vest - 100 yards in as few sets as possible AND as fast as possible:
*35 yards, 35 yards, 35 yards in *3:08
* means new Personal Record!
This does two things i want …

Day 7 of 90: Intensive course, Eischens Yoga and REST:)

Day 7 of 90, another awesome day for our MBG Intensive course:) Today we re-covered the Eischens Yoga Beginner sequence, reviewed previous jump training, progressions to handstands and rope climbs and then spent the majority of the day training jumping rope, sprint training (with all facets of drills for classes and personal training) and then a finished with an questions and answers. Today i was really really impressed by the openess to learn by some of the students....guys who without a doubt have extremely high level of skills and they were just super eager to learn to love that!!!

Did the EY beginner sequence to start the training after morning review and i have to say these guys NAILED IT!! without any coaching during the teaching! Student after student each hit all the points for teaching their section of the sequence...really happy to see how well they did. Really enjoyed it:)

MBG 2 WORKOUT: Besides teaching the intensive for from 9-5  and the EY be…

Day 6 of 90: EY all day:) and a short 15/15 x 32s!!

Day 6 of 90, great day again today! the course is going awesome:) all the students are learning fast as heck and we are having a great time:) laughing alot and sharing alot of great times!!

Started the course with our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence again today but this time we split the students up into about 6 groups of 5 so they could focus on each pose more specifically and they did a great job on it! Did alot of wide leg forward flexion, back domes. After my workout did the Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 3 cycles:)

MBG 2 WORKOUT: Today it was mostly a teach and Eischens Yoga day...but i decided to add a 15/15 x ?? minutes to prepare to hit 100 reps with the 32k's for our australian intensive in february 2011. Paul (one of the owners of MBG Australia NT) and i are gonna both go for that number!! Any additional participants? haha FUN? maybe not:) BAD ASS? Hell Yeah!!!!! hahaha. So to prepare for it i'm doing sets of 5 for amap sets as…

Day 5 of 90!!! HS, PW, Rope Climbs as fast as possible each for 100!!

Day 5 of 90, whew recovered with a good night sleep and had a great day at the course from 9-6 today:) the students did an amazing job understanding what we were teaching and applied it right away:) they broke the previous record of 22 students doing handstands all together at the last course with a total of 28 today!! very very cool...ALL learn how to do a handstand, kicked up and held it against the wall with great technique within 1 hour!!! really awesome!!

Started the course with our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence. After which during the day did alot more of supine bridge, kneeling table and incline plane ALL made the shoulders and whole body feel amazing:) After my workout did the Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 4 cycles:)

MBG 2 WORKOUT: Today (friday) is my AS FAST AS POSSIBLE day:)

100 yard Handstand Walks: 30 yards, 15, 15, 15, 15, 10 = 4:45 total (Goal is improve each week)
rested 5 minutes
100 foot rope climb (on 20' rope): 60 feet, …

Day 4 of 90: Box jumps, broad jumps, Jungle Gym legs

Day 4 of 90 was for sure a bit harder day:) today being the first day of our MBG 6 day certified
natural trainer course (9am to 6pm daily). it's long days, giving alot of detailed info on all MBG 3 aspects, but again i love teaching and training:) so it's cool:) just the giving all day of energy can be a
bit taxing so it will be interesting to see how my own training goes.
Ate strong, trained medium intensity (legs:), restored strong, felt good:)

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence: we did this to start the course and spent alot of time on various poses so got in a good deal of this today which is Great!!
Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 4 cycles:)!!

24" box jumps: (stepped down off box as jumping hurt my knee still): 3 sets of 8 jumps
alternated with
Broad Jumps across 15 yards floor + light c-band resistance: 6 jumps, 6 jumps, 6 jumps
after doing my sets i felt pretty good in the knee so checked my broad, needs…

Day 3 of 90: HSW, Rope Climbs, PW+40 speed crawls, EY, PB...MBG3:)

Day 3 of 90 was a good day:)
Ate strong, trained strong, restored strong, felt great!!!:)

Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, held each pose 4 breaths after my workout!!! Great!!
Hot / Cold shower: 60 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold x 5 cycles:)!!

Handstand walk (100 yards + in afsap): 30 yards, 30y, 30y, 30y = 120 yards!!
alternated with
20' rope climb: 40 feet, 40', 40' = 120 feet:)
these two felt amazing in alternating fashion and i am really happy i got the 30 yards so well. finishing the last set at 30 yards was probably the best i've done and it made me very happy:)

Next i did my speed work with the power wheel + 40lb vest crawls...this went great too!
3 sets of 20 yards in: 17 seconds, 16 seconds, 16 seconds
Overall felt amazing today a 4 Stars!!!

Breakfast: big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, mangos, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds.
Snack: organic raw food bar
Lunch: Spinach, mangos, bananas, walnuts, source of…

Day 2 of 90!!! Barefoot run, jumping, EY and more!!

Day 2 was actually a pretty challenging day...and then the workout came:) haha
after sleeping for about 5-6 hours, got up early and we filmed all day til working out at noon.
filming all new video exercise library for our website....crazy how many exercises we were doing
and could still add hundreds more:) but we did it, that is the important thing:)
Doing a flagpole!!!:) FUN!!:)
Barefoot run - 1.25 miles, got to get my knee feeling better so i plan on doing barefoot running and jumping rope for warm ups each jump training day....felt good although how could i have hurt it i was running about at a 8 min mile pace:) haha, the bike path was rough as hell and it was about 90 degrees out today!!:) Besides feeling like the bottoms of my feet were melting this run felt really good:)
2 legged vertical jumps: not happening, tried but it hurt a bit so dont want to aggravate it! Smart man!
1 legged jumps to the rim: did it for 3 sets of 8 reps each side but at 50% effort. Had to ge…

Day 1 of 90!!! PW, HS and more!

Today was my first day of 90 days to achieve 3 big goals:
Dunking, 100 yard PW crawl + 40lb vest and 100 yard handstand walk!
well today i began my adventure and it went great:)
Power Wheel crawl + 40lb vest - 100 yards in as few sets as possible AND as fast as possible: 30 yards, 30 yards, 30 yards, 10 yards in 3:24
This does two things i want to achieve my goal...trains the distance AND the conditioning i need for it!

Handstand walking: wanted to go easier on this day will do this first and harder on wednesday. So i did 4 sets of 15 yards as fast as possible....THIS HELPED ALOT!  Really helped me get my speed up for this event with last set done in 16 seconds and 18 strides (L/R = 1 stride). I got to work on improving my speed on both PW and HSW's as time under tension needs to be as little as possible in order to achieve these two goals.

15/15 x 10 minutes of kips resisted with 60lb C-band:
did sets of 5 for the whole thing and man this was an awesome workout, finish…

My 90 Day Challenges: test results today!!

Hey everybody, this is very cool, been getting lots of folks voting and giving me some inspiration too!!:) with just hours left to vote it is still super close!!
i'm combining votes from the MBG FB page, my FB page and this blog.
Here's the results so far:                  Votes:            Todays test results:
Power Wheel 100 yards + 40lb vest  - 8          50 yards Dunking                                             - 7          Touched Rim, sore knee Handstand walk 100 yards                - 3           35 yards HSW, PW, Dunking all 3                   - 5 Power Wheel + 40lb vest crawl test:) not fun:)
Dunking test today, or vertical today:)
Handstand Test today:)

it's so close i am leaning towards all 3 as alot of folks have said PW is the most hard CORE:) haha play on words:) but then doing all would be dope it's looking like all 3!! AAAAHHHH that will be some fun over the 90 days!!!:) i've already begun and have writen out a plan of action to achieve …