Travel and Training

Just got back from lecturing in minnesota...went well, had fun training but realized i need some
rest and recovery after getting back. i've learned my lessons in my 31 years of training to listen
to my body, not my mind, cause my mind will say train harder every time.
So in listening over the last few days i've realized to put it in cruise control a bit and focus on
technique this week and it feels great!
TRAINING: for example today i did sets of planche holds alternated with lever holds, each for about 6 seconds. worked great, did it for about an hour and mixed in some power wheel rollouts and variations on the
levers. got a great workout and felt like my form on all is improving!

EATING: been eating super clean foods lately:)
spinach, mango, banana, dates and some hemp seeds smoothie
steamed kale, carrots, mushrooms, some tofu
coconut water
two ezekial tortillas, hummus, veggie patties, corn, broccolli

looking forward to training tomorrow:)

What's the ultimate power wheel workout? what is yours?
my favorites are:
100 yard challenge - super simple and super hard core
the prison 100 - the hardest, nastiest workout i've ever done; 100 yd Power Wheel crawl, the 100
jump rope doubles, then 90 each, 80 each, etc. til done for as fast as possible = CRAZY HARD!!!! Totals 550 yards crawled and 550 jump rope doubles....dang this is hard:)
Power Wheel rollouts - a simple exercise that done to failure is wicked i am motivated by challenges and when i saw a 71 year old man do 100 rollouts on youtube it made me start working on this...i'm at 55:) he's bad ass!! haha
30/300/3000 - 30 minutes to power wheel crawl 300 yards and do 3000 reps jumping rope. this is a killer workout too, not quite as diabolical as the prison 100 but still super hard. MBG record is about 27 minutes to cruise to do that!
Now tell me either how you do on these workouts OR tell me your favorites!!
Peace out my friends!!


  1. Hey mate, good to have you back.
    You are dead right with listening to your body, I have neglected "that little voice" in my head saying slow down for years with 2 outcomes... poor performance & injury. Of late the more rest I have the better my performances get. Only took me 20 years to work this out
    Had a crack at the 1 minute on 1 minute off drill for 10 exercises yesterday. Here is how it panned out.
    Press 32s x12(9+3)
    cleans 40,s x12 (6+6)
    HSPU 9 (7+2)
    Chins (nuetral grip L-seat) 8+4 standard chin
    Atomic PU 23 (20+3)
    Body Rows 28 (20 + 8)
    Lunges32,s 12l/R
    JJ Leg curl 35
    Front squat (to 12" Box) 32,s 11 (7+4)
    Deadlift 50,s (heaviest we have) 23 reps (20 +3)

    Awesome workout- going to use this one as one of my benchmark WO,s.
    Had a crack at the 32,s today for the 15/15 clean and press drill. The plan is to add a minute each week to the drill starting at 6 minutes this week with 4 reps each 15 sec. Total reps today was 48. Man even this felt tough. Its going to be a long road to your 82 my friend.

    PW workout I like is the 10-1 yard up and back with 10-1 pikes each set. Its a cracker.

  2. awesome job paul!! man we were pretty darn even on everything! can you imagine if we worked out together how hard we would push each other!!:)
    that would be great! that is a great way to do the 32s for the 15/15 too...adding a set (30 seconds) each week or a full minute would be a great way to do the way i did sets of 4 for the whole thing...80 reps....but i'm gonna beat that this summer i know it:) one of my 18 yr old bball players did the 75s workout last week and got it in 15:35! pretty good for a young athlete:)
    if you really want to train wreck yourself sometime do the prison 100 workout:) haha it is crazy crazy hard! lets keep pushing it my friend! set some PR's this year!!:)
    your friend,


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