Todays 1 min on 1 min off workout

todays workout was a tough one but i loved it!
do amap reps in the 60 seconds, rest 60 seconds
This was hard, but good:) for sure the HSPU's were hurt from the MP's, then the "L" seat chin ups wasnt so bad:) felt pretty good on the atomic push ups and body rows. the lunges for sure got my HR up:) and the leg curls were obviously pretty easy:) haha i crushed them:) but then i was crushed on the front squats with the 32s:) but made up for it with the 60k's:) overall it was very hard the 60 second rest goes by quickly:) Breakfast: mixed fruit with dates, soyogurt and pecans
Lunch: same as breakfast :) hahaha okay i like it:) haha
Dinner: ezekial tortillas with hummus, veggies and some eggless tofu salad on them. then a big ol sweet potato:)
Late night snack: little bowl of popcorn with flax oil on it:)
Felt good today:)
How did you all do on this workout??
Peace my friends:)


  1. Awesome blog JH. Please tell me those cleans were swinging and not dead stop?? Am going to give this WO a crack for sure when my back eases up. Your intensity is inspiring for sure.

  2. not much backswing at all:) a bit though:) thanks for the support my friend:)

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  4. Oops, had to edit this. :)

    Okay, here are my humble numbers:
    1. Mil Press (15@24k)
    2. Cleans (22@20k)
    3. Atomic Pushups (21)
    4. Chins (15 regular, these are my weakness for sure)
    5. Divebombers (12)
    6. Lunges (20@20ks)
    7. Body Rows (21@90)
    8. PW Leg Curls (35)
    9. KB Front Squat (20@20k)
    10. KB Deadlifts (23@24ks)

    Good workout Jon, thanks!

  5. Awesome work Jonny Bruddah!

    I hit 2 workouts thus far today:

    Short circuit at wrestling club after training wrestlers 3 rounds:

    1A) Squat Jumps 3 x 10 reps

    1B) Lunge Jumps 3 x 10

    1C) Chest Slap Push Ups 3 x 10

    1D) Chins 3 x 10

    Workout # 2 @ 1 PM

    ALL Push Presses

    44 lb x 10 / 10

    53 lb x 10 / 10

    62 lb x 10 / 10

    70 lb x 10 / 10

    80 lb x 5 / 5

    88 lb x 5 / 5

    97 lb x 3 / 3

    double 44s x 10

    This was fun and just preppin myself for a team competition that Uncle Mike is holding & I'll be doing 50 push presses each arm

    Thanks for THE motivation Jonny!!!

    MUCH respect!!!


  6. ZACH: dang zach 10 x 44s for pp is solid! very strong my friend!!!
    BRAD: were you using 1 kb? for most of the workout? even if you do alot less reps on it, next time use two bells so you can get a solid baseline for this'll like it:) haha
    great work guys, keep inspiring each other!!

  7. Hey Jonny! Two bells my friend. Gorilla style :)

  8. good numbers brah!!!
    here is how i write it for 1 or 2 bells
    one kb is written as 12k
    two kb's is written as 12k's
    or 12s as zach did up above too.
    good job brad!!:)


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