This week of training!

hey all, this has been an awesome week again of training, eating and just having fun doing what i do:)
basically to get an idea of how i train;
i bike everywhere (gave my car away 4 years ago) and always have biked biking.
m, w, f do either our MBG workout or my own bodyweight version of it.
mondays was my favorite "J Rock" so that is my favorite workout...did well on it too:)
7 HSPU > 6 HSPUs with BXT assistance of 60lbs > 6 inverted half planche push ups > about 10 planche dips...always do about 10 of these to finish off the set...i know it's only suppose to be 20:) haha
alternated with;
4 slow cycling side to sides > 5 full ROM in/outs > 5 close grip L seat chin ups > 4 chins > 2-4 kips
did the 3 sets of each and felt great!!
did a similar workout on wednesday but mixed in different exercises.
on tuesday and thursday biked a ton and then would stop and do some 1A hand balancing alternated on park benches with some 1 arm assisted chin up/L seat holds on either street signs or off chin up bars... did this for about 45 - 60 minutes...just love doing this then riding some more:)
my the hook!
big bowl of mixed fruit for breakfast; strawberries, mangos, bananas, blueberries, dates with some pecans mixed in and occassionally some quinoa or some source of life energy shake (tastes super good!! :)
after workout lunch either some spinach mango smoothie or a veggie hummus wrap on ezekial sprouted tortillas
dinner been eating out alot lately and having some edemame, seaweed salad and then some sweet potato sushi (yes, and it's the bomb:)
had a very tasty dessert too...rice dream with pecans on top!!
been feeling very good, doing the EY daily, eating the PB always and training the playing skills daily!!
peace my friends!
as my good buddy zach a riah said to me;
"Train like a Gorilla, Eat like a Gorilla" awesome...add to it now...chill like a Gorilla too!!:) haha
got to rest and recover...maybe that is why they are so bad ass!!
 this is a picture from my buddy kevin boylans "Veggie Grill" restaurant in LA...if you havent eaten at them go now!!! AWESOME FOOD!!! eat like this and you'll be a strong gorilla!!!:)



  1. There's a Veggie Grill opening right next to my office. Can't wait!!!!

  2. it's awesome!!! say hi to kevin one of the owners when you meet him:)

  3. chill like a gorilla is awesome

    this IS the MBG lifestyle, eh bruddah??!!

  4. haha, heck yeah, the chillin part is mucho importanto!!:)


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