Stadium Stairs again...but different story this time:)!!!!

Had to do it again, did not like how i did on the stadium stairs on saturday, the heat and being a bit sleepy for sure effected i had to go do it again today!!
doing the 6 on saturday i was crashing on the last two and actually walked back to the start after the 6th sprint up the totally different and i knew it.
Today from the get go i never stopped and never walked, i sprinted up strong and immediately began jogging the 120 yards or so over to the other side to sprint up again for number 2. I kept this pace up for all 8 sprints and never slowed! This was more like it for me and i was glad i went and did it again. My friend Joe who told me about this workout told me the UW hockey team will go for 8 this friday too.
PICTURE: two who did NOT quit, they gave their all....and then fell asleep on the floor after !!! haahahahaaha seriously they were sleeping!! BUT they kicked ass first:)

I'm glad i did it already:) NOW I WANT 10!!:)
This was a great workout, felt strong during it and after, this time i stayed upright after running:) haha
no laying out for 20 minutes today:)
So after this i went over to a local lake to meet my sister and her two daughters jojo and jackie. they had invited me to go paddle boarding. Man it was easy to do and super fun, we all got it and were paddling around lake wingra immediately:)
if you've never tried it, it's very cool, a nice simple workout or can be an intense one very much like kayaking and surfing.
so after all this i stopped by my favorite juice stand and got a big watermelon and lime this is the shiznit!!:) haha got to have it and awesome after workout drink:)
i'm a bit crazy but still had some other un-finished business today static training had to have it so when i got home i still did my alternating sets of 1 arm chin up holds and planche push up holds, did both for about 6 counts and did about 8-10 sets of each...felt good and ended a very good day of training...feel great!
BREAKFAST: grapes, dates, berries, bananas, soyogurt and this is 4 stars:)!!!
LUNCH: mixed greens, dulse flakes, eggless tofu salad, corn, beets (alot:), carrots and sweet potatoes!
DINNER: mixed greens, corn, edemame, brocolli, peppers, onions, 2 veggie patties....and of course hahaha sweet potatoes!!!
great day:) good training, good eating:)
QUESTION: when you are in the zone of intense pain, when you want to give up, but will not, what is it that you think of to inspire you to continue, to fight the pain, to persevere!
Mine are; lance armstrong for conditioning, and gorillas when i have to go for power and the hardest short intense workouts like the 15/15...which by chance...IS TOMORROW!!!
SO tell me what you use AND how it helped you during the 15/15 and how you did...where and when you wanted to quit and give in...but you could not quit, you would not quit....YOU DID NOT QUIT!!!:)
peace my friends!


  1. Sounds tough gotta find me some stairs. Had a dig at one of your old workouts from your trek training blog. Double 24kb snatch and kips 75 reps AFAP followed by the double 24 push press for 75 reps.
    Completed the couplet in 14.45 was gunning for your time but my grip was shot, need to lose some more weight for those kips, damn it.
    Got the PP in 4.30 so not far away but was spent.
    When in pain during a workout I always think of how few workouts at full bore intensity we have left in us, so make the most of every workout.I also think of a phrase I once heard "People may doubt what you say but they will always believe what you do"
    JH when you think of L.A. do you think of what he has already been through or what he has to go through when racing on the tour?

  2. Dude, I fear being "normal" and have such an immense respect for spec ops warriors and the toughest of wrestlers who go through hellish workouts and just block it all out and keep charging.

    I NEVER wanna lose my edge, so, like you, Jonny, if I perform below excellent I get PISSED off!!

    Keep eatin' clean bro!

    I have 15 bananas frozen in the freezer awaiting my banana shake and probably near 20 on the kitchen counter!!

    After my morning workouts I went to the juice place in my town, a bit high prices, (Main St. Pirces??!!) and got my copa coolada juice drink.

    It's low fat pineapple yogurt, pineapples, mango and some other fruit, not sure what bit it's the shiznit, SON!!!

    Peace Bruddah!


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