saturdays stadium stairs of hell!!!

man o man, today i was talking with one of the MBG trainers...joe, joe also is assistant Univ of Wis Hockey strength coach and he told me a sweet workout the hockey team did at the UW football stadium. it was very very wicked. so i rode my bike over to the stadium to do the workout!
first off you run/jog up to the upper deck of the stadium...think about 5 story high of ramps to run, then you walk out into the upper deck and it's steeeeeeep!
got to guess it was about 45 that is one point, you sprint to the top from the bottom in 15 seconds or less...then you jog down to the other end of the bleachers...about 120 yards and then go
down to the bottom and sprint up again to the you sprint to top in 15 or less, then you got
1:45 to get to the other side and repeat amap without going over 15 seconds.
OMG this crushed me:) hahahahaha made it 6 times and that is what the UW hockey player did too, but it was brutal for sure. then i laid out on the nice and cool ramp for about 20 minutes as it was about 85 and humid and sunny when i was running..which was under 15 min of running in total.
after i recovered i went and did my usual off heavy day training of static hold training with things like 1A chin up holds and 1A handstand holds alternated and then did some other fun stuff too like L seat holds with planche holds and then did some incline board Hanging Leg Raises with a very steep i feel so good training this way, it's fun, challenging and progressive always.
breakfast - mixed fruit (straw, blue, mango, grapes, dates, bananas) with some quinoa, walnuts
lunch - whole foods salad bar (mixed greens, beets, carrots, some lentils)
dinner - corn, green beans, tomato, spinach, salad, veggie patties, sweet potato
snack - popcorn while watching the new movie Predator which was pretty good:) had fun watching it:)
P3!! patience, persistance and peace!!


  1. Sounds killer Jon! I had a great weekend outside. Did some tough hill repeats on a steep trail near my house on Sat. and lots of hills on the bike today. EY both days of course. :) Just finished a post-ride Mini-Gorilla smoothie (bananas, dates, almond butter, coconut oil, rice milk). Good stuff!

  2. Hill for SURE bro! Any kind of stair/hill work adds resistance and makes any kind of sprint work 10x harder... BUT WAY MORE FUN!! I prefer to do my body weight stuff first (handstand push ups, bear crawls, planche stuff, etc) and then go finish with a few handfuls of hill sprints... then go home and eat like a Gorillas family! :)

    P.S. Don't forget to soak your quinoa today! hahaha.

  3. sounds deadly, Jonny, yesterday I was body surfing, the waves hit 5 - 6 ft in Jersey!!

    I layed low on sprints and chins on sand and today will be hittin some heavy work. I need to rise early and crank a beach workout, those sprints in the sand are deadly!

  4. Hill Sprints (esp. in sand) get me everytime!!! Great work!!

  5. man the sand and hill sprints are awesome! the sand hill in redondo beach is sick if any of you have ever been's a 45 deg hill that takes about 30-45 seconds to the top and then going down it crushes the thighs:) haha
    love to see you'all are eating so strong of plant foods!! lets keep it up my friends!!!


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