Saturday training and riding

ABOVE PIC: in Rio at sugarloaf and i was gonna do a planche on the edge of this building and this old dude freaked out:) hahaha this is right as i was about to do it and 1 second before he ran over and "no no no!!!" it was funny cause i do this all the time and thought it would be a cool shot...but did not want to scare the guy anymore:) so i stopped:) SLIGHTLY COOL VIEW HUH!!
awesome day today - road, trained, ate awesome foods:
road to a park, did sets of planche dips with side to side chin ups for about 4 sets each, then went
then road some more, had a huge fresh squeezed watermelon juice
then road some more:) and stopped and did some L seat chins and planche push up holds
then road some more, had a huge fresh squeezed watermelon juice:)
then road out to whole foods and ate a huge salad of steamed collards with carrots, beets,
corn and some tofu (dont eat tofu much but it tastes good)
later i came across a super long row of bike racks in upside down U shapes...about 20 in a row!
so i assisted with one hand and then jumped over each one without pause down and back... this was
really hard no doubt!
after this i took an easy ride home, drank some iced tea and crashed for about 30 minutes:)!!
this is some of my favorite things to do...ride, eat great foods, train bodyweight outside, ride, drink some
watermelon juice...simple fun great day for me:)
hope you all had a fun day.
tell me some things you all do for outdoor workouts!


  1. Just yesterday I went in my backyard I started with 2 arm and 1 arm KB swings. Then did 10 single KB cleans followed immediately by 10 front squats with the same arm. Did 2 sets of 10 for each exercise with each arm. Then rolled my tractor tire out of the garage and did 5 sets of 3 tire flips down my driveway. My other outdoor workouts often include 2/1/0 jumps with my PPJ, wheelbarrows with my wife, tire drags, sprints, bear crawls and power wheel crawls, and whatever I can do with my 50 lbs gravel back in my garage.

  2. Last week I went for a "run" in a secret LA canyon that included pullups on tree limbs, walking along fallen trees, lifting and dragging logs, throwing stones (small for accuracy, big for distance), "box" jumps on boulders, sprints up steep loose trails, and even rope swinging. It was a blast!

  3. Dude, wait till you see this awesome playground workout I did w/2 college and 2 high school wrestlers, it was SICK!!!

    The playground looked like it was from a Russian playground, not the norm for the USA :(

    I was LOCKED out from the wrestling club I train out of, so I went with Plan B!

    Video soon, Jonny, you will love it!

    Temps are gonna hit 101-105 today they said, gonna ride my bike to Mike's pad and try to get in a backyard bodyweight and KB workout if he is up for it!

    Miss ya Bruddah!


  4. DANG!! awesome across the board guys!! man those all sounds fun as hell!! james the backyard, brad the mountain/park, zach the playground!! isnt that cool as hell how much we can all get from so simple of methods! lets get some pics up of each! i love to show what is possible...and all 3 of you are doing that! for sure james from your that mbg backyard brah!! brad the mountains are always awesome and zach a riah! for sure send me a pic of the russian gymnasium like place for sure!!!!
    stay cool my friends, especially zach...105?? dang that is hot!!

  5. Sure Jon. I'll shoot some video the next time I'm out there (next week I think). Now, if I can just get Kiersten to email me back about getting a new MBG shirt I'll be in business. :)


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