New MBG!! and Fridays Training, Eating and EY!

Yesterday was friday but that is cool:) haha with me at least haha.
been working like crazy lately re-organizing MBG Madison which is a huge process and my New COO Greg Metzler is doing a great job with it which makes me very happy...less stress for me and i can get more done! So we're working alot on the MBG Certified Natural Trainer courses which have
been really doing well, growing in size each course (great!!) and we've been expanding with more licensees as well!!
So next up is our Intensive this coming August 5 to 10 here in's a full house and looks to be another great group!!
After that Jess and I are flying to Canada for a few days of showing our training and inventions at the CANFIT expo in Canada til the 14th then back home for a few more days:)
Big NEWS though is the signing of the lease for MBG Chicago!!! We're working alot on this and really excited as this is the first time i'm opening a New MBG outside of Madison...had a couple close opportunities in Mpls and LA before but this is the first time it's happening and i am really happy and excited about this....Opening date is coming up quickly too..November!!!! so we got alot to do first:)
TRAINING - Yesterdays workout was back presses and renegade rows, then some windmills and TGU's so i did it the first two BP and RR with 44s for sets of 5s and 8s respectively for about 5 sets each. Then added in a set of 25 kips, some hspu's and some rope climbs for fun. basically i did it this way instead of the AFAP way as i just wanted to do pure strength and no rush in todays workout and it turned out fun:) which is the goal anyways right! Today i might do some leg stuff, but we'll see if time is available:)
EATING - GRRRREAT eating today and for sure felt good cause of it.
breakfast was mixed fruit, walnuts, some source of life greens
lunch was huge amount of spinach, mangos, bananas and some almonds
dinner was AMAZING!! Jessie made it and it was one of the best meals i've ever had....kale and black eyed peas, mixed greens salad, polenta and her own tomato sauce poured on the hook!!! she'll be teaching alot of her knowledge and skills at next weeks intensive which will be great!!!
snack was apple as usual:) like them for late night snacks!

NOW MY QUESTION FOR YOU!! Which goal would you like to see me go for most over the next 90 days? Whichever one gets the most votes I'll blog about my quest for it over the 90 days!!!
  1. DUNKING A BASKETBALL again at age 47? Right now i'm barely touching the rim as a bball accident jacked up my old injured left knee and this would be a tough goal but i think i can do to add about 8" to my jump!:)
  2. POWER WHEEL CRAWL 100 yards with a 40lb weight vest on...this would put me at 255lbs and would be the heaviest 100 yard pw crawl ever done as far as i know!
  3. HANDSTAND WALK 100 yards, this one would be very very hard as well as the most i've ever done is 47 yards and right now i'm at about 30 yards.

So there you have it...tell me which one is 1st, 2nd and then i'll see which one gets the most votes and i'll do it!!
Now that i've put it out there WHO AMONG YOU WILL JOIN ME???

I'm putting it out to all of you on our MBG site, our MBG FB site, My Blog, everyone:)
peace my friends and i look forward to hearing which it is!!!


  1. Hey Jon! Great news about MBG Chicago. That's gonna be an awesome location (not as good as my neighborhood but... :) ) As for the goal, I'd vote for the 100 yd. PW crawl with a 40 lb. vest. It's your invention and you should OWN IT!!!! Heck, they're all good goals. The dunking would be awesome too. Sorry to hear about your knee but I'm sure you'll be back. :)

  2. thanks brad, it's gonna be awesome:) well right now it's pretty even, except for HS's:)
    HS 100 yards - 1
    PW 100 yards - 4
    Dunk bball - 4
    all 3 events - 3
    i'm waiting til sunday night to see which one wins:) maybe i should wait longer? :)

  3. Awesome news about Chicago JH. Interested to see the caliber of sportsmen and women you attract with Chicago being such a major sporting hub. Very exciting.
    Mate I would be very interested to see you walk the 100yards on your hands and how you approach it with your training.
    Being approx 240lb myself it would be a close second to see the 255lb power wheel crawl for 100 yards.
    I guess a personal goal of mine is to bump the numbers up in the cl & pr 15/15 10 min drill, so to see how far you could get with the 32,s, even though not listed as a goal would be awesome to see.

  4. hey paul, they are all hard for sure and getting 100 with the 32s is another goal of mine for sure. i've laid out my plan of action already for all 3 and even added in some more goals too and that 15/15 one is another:) i'll have hit all the goals before australia and will show you anyways how i do it online here:) today i filmed where i'm at on all 3:
    HS walk - 35 yards
    PW 100 + 40vest - 50 yards
    Dunking - touched the rim, with pain in left knee...of the 3 the hardest seems right now to be the dunking as i got to rehab as i train:)
    next is the 100 yard HSW...i know i'm gonna get the 100 yard + 40lb vest...i know it!
    paul if you and i get 100 with the 32s that is super super bad ass!! we'd be very hard pressed to find anyone that can do that feat!!:)
    gonna join me on the 3? 2? 1? haha


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