Hell YEAH BOY!! Messing up the 60 on/ 60 off

Two weeks ago we did the 60 sec on / 60 sec off workout!! Hard core my friends, hard core!
Now if you did this workout with me two weeks ago then  i want nothing less than you raising
up another level!
here it is, dam, another dope jam!:)
MBG 1 (training)
                                     7.12.10                   7.26.10
1. Mil Press                10 x 32k's              *11 x 32k's
2. Cleans                    16 x 44k's              *18 x 44k's
3. HS Pushups                 8                              *10
4. Chins    "L" seat         12                             *13
5. Atomic push ups        24                             *25
6. Body Rows                31                             *33               
7. Lunges (ea leg)      10s x 32k's            *12s x 32k's
8. PW Leg Curls            52                             *63
9. KB Front Squat       6 x 32k's               * 8 x 32k's
10. KB Deadlifts        14 x 60k's (120k)   *15 x 64k's (128k)

10 new PR's for this workout!


MBG 2 - Strong Meals:
Soaked oats with bananas, berries, walnuts
Huge salad, corn, carrots, edemame, beets, garbanzo beans
Ezekial wraps with hummus, brocolli, spinach, peas, corn, 100% veg patties (local)

MBG 3 - Eischens Yoga: Did the basic beginner sequence with class today and some front warrior tonight...that workout worked me and front Warrior hooks me UP!!!:)

My Question for you all!! One - did you beat what you did two weeks ago? Two - did you eat strong plant foods today? Three - did you do your EY today? Basically did you MBG3?

Tell me you lived strong today! Tell me you trained, ate and restored strong today!!
Now show others the way, lets get it started my friends, CHANGE THIS WORLD FOR THE BETTER!!
Peace out my friends!!
"Like a gem cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials"


  1. Man, the bar keeps moving away from me. Nicely done. Are you training alone or do you have someone helping you stay amped?

  2. Had another dig at the 60 on/60 off after our conversation this morning.
    Mil Press 32,s 13 (up from 11)
    Cleans 40,s 7 (Down from 12)
    HSPU 12 (up from 9)
    Chins (neutral Grip L-seat>chin>kips 11+3+3) Up by 3 L-seat
    Atomic PU 28 (Up from 25)
    JJ Rows 36 (Up from 28)
    Lunges 32,s 12L/R (Same)
    Leg Curls 38 (up from 35)
    Front Squat 32,s 12 (up from 11)
    Deadlift 7 (down from 23)

    Up on most things but the ones I wanted up (cleans & deads) bombed badly. My back was giving me gip and by the time I got to deads i was shot. It was 35 deg Celcius today and humidity was high, no excuse, but very tuff going.

  3. nice job despite the crazy heat!! yeah the super tough ones (full body cleans and deads) are super tough in the high heat. good job man!! good job!!
    keep up the strong work mate!!


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