Had to do it!

Yesterday after i posted about my stadium run OZMBG posted about a workout...a wicked workout that i did awhile ago; AFAP do 75 kips and 75 double snatches with the 24k's..so since i could not find my previous PR time i had to make a new PR:) so i had to do it today:)
man what a great workout, i did the workout as follows:
  1. Kips - 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/5 = 75
  2. 24k's S - 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/5 = 75
  • total time = 11:34* 
Think this is a PR but not sure? OZ any help on this would help...where did you see that anyways:) haha...felt good and strong, definitely kicks your ass:)
then after training my ballplayers i finished with some more of my simple balance strength work while wearing my backpack (about 12-15lbs):
  • L seat chin ups touching hands to chest and feet at hip height: 5/4/3/2/1 
  • planche push ups/dips: 16/12/9/6/3
this felt really really good, love these two:)
overall a 4 Star day of training:)

For eating:
BREAKFAST: mixed fruit with some kasha cereal, dates, pecans
LUNCH: veggie sandwich, eggless tofu salad, vegan gumbo
DINNER: ezekiel tortillas (2) with hummus, corn, spinach, brocolli, 2 veggie patties
feel pretty good today, good energy, good training, good eating!!:)
What is your 1 meal that is super healthy, super tasty and gives you amazing energy all day?
Mine is the mixed fruit; mangos, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, dates, bananas with pecans and some soyogurt and maybe even some source of life energy shake (nice green supplement).
Look forward to seeing your favs...maybe i'll change mine???:) maybe:) if you remember a close favorite is my bananas covered with my banana ice cream and cocoa and dates:) man that one is awesome too!!:)
Peace my friends and tell me your favs!!


  1. 11.34 Thats smokin. Man nicely done. I thought. I was catching you there for a moment. You have certainly reset the bar, your old PR was 14.30.
    I gave the CL & PP 15/15 a dig again yesterday with the 28,s. Came out firing with the first 6 rounds getting 5 reps. Then bonked and it got messy. Ended up with 80 which is well short of my PR of 89. I think because my back was not 100% I was getting less hip extension in the clean and was using more thighs by squatting under it more which fried my legs and gave me nothing in the PP. No excuses I will get that 100 one day.

  2. I would say my biggest 'All day energy' meal would be my 'Titan' salad.

    2 huge handfuls of organic spring mix (or spinach)
    1 tomato
    1/2 orange bell pepper
    2 big carrots
    1 Cup 24 hour soaked chick peas (garbanzo beans)
    1/2 an avocado (cubed up)
    Some sprouts (mung bean, sunflower, or alfalfa)
    1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or flaxoil)
    Some Balsamic vinegar

    Cut/Dice/Slice all stuff up, throw in big bowl, stir everything together, and devour. I eat this after a workout and in 20 minutes, ready to do another 3 workouts! So good.

  3. hahaaha Paul man i did not put OZ and you together til just now:) haha, i was like holly cow that OZ dude is strong as hell!!! haha
    then i thought, wait he has mbg after that...oz, why does that sound like....YES!! australia!!:)
    2 + 2 = 4 haha cause i was thinking man this guy did the 28s that is serious on the 15/15. glad you were going for 5s with it...i'm gonna go for 4s again with the 32s after i'm recovered:) maybe this month:) haha
    man i wish we could train together, we'd crush it daily for sure!! oh well via e is next best!!! keep up the great work mate!

  4. Adam that meal sounds off the hook!! got to make that myself!! thanks my friend!!

  5. Dang Jon! Your ideal breakfast is exactly like mine. :) I guess I'll post my second-favorite, my Mini-Gorilla smoothie (cause it's tiny next to your 15 date, 10 banana monster)

    3 bananas (at least two frozen)
    handful of dates (fresh)
    big handful of spinach (sometimes I mix in frozen kale)
    2 tbs. Udo's Oil blend
    2 tbs. of Udo's Wholesome Fast Food (greens)
    big spoonful of almond butter (organic of course)
    rice milk

  6. Jon, Just curious how you set your work/ training day out to keep quality time for yourself? With so much going on with the MBG/Lifeline and everyone wanting a piece of your time what have you learnt over the years to keep centered, stress free and not lose that drive to keep training at full intensity? Is it just a matter of surrounding yourself with good people?

  7. One of my favorites is a smoothie that I'd have for breakfast:

    1 cup almond milk
    1/4 cup coconut juice/nectar
    1 cup baby spinach
    small handful baby carrots
    1/2 cup strawberries
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1/2 cup raspberries

    Also, a salad that I just had tonight:

    Baby spinach
    sliced strawberries
    slices of one whole orange
    handful dried cranberries
    handful sunflower seeds
    balsamic vinegar

  8. BRAD - your right, very similar...and why not:) they taste great!!:)haha

    PAUL - good question my friend, it is something that has taken me awhile to improve upon...doing what i want to do and letting others do stuff i dont want to do:) this has been very successful for me as of late:) gives me the time to relax more, ride more and read more. i just realized my forte' is training, educating...not managing my staff...so i hired someone else to do that...greg:) and he is doing an amazing job already and i feel MUCH less stress and that helps me a ton:)
    forgot to tell you paul, one of my high school basketball players did the 24k's and kips for 75 reps each workout in 15:35!! he was working super hard:) you did a really solid job on that my friend!!

    JAMES - good looking meals my friend...the carrots in a smoothie?? not sure about that one:) but i'll take your word for it:) the salad looks very good!!!

    take care my friends!!


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