Friday Training....took my 24k's for a long walk and train!!

Decided to take some 24k's for a long walk and every 100 yards or so i'd do a set of dead cleans and military presses for 5 reps each....then rest a minute and walk another 2 blocks then do 5 dead snatches... did this for about 4 sets of each....then began the walk back with sets of 5s alternating cleans, rest, walk a few blocks and then 5s alternating military presses all the way back to the MBG (did about 3 sets each here) ....great simple and not too hard workout!!
Still finishing my moderately easy week and starting to feel stronger:) so i did a bit more.
did 2 sets of 30 HSPU's with the BXT assistance alternated with 2 sets of 30 L chin ups amap to kips for the remainder....this finished the workout off nicely and i felt great!!
mixed fruit, walnuts, soyogurt
1.5 veggie tortilla and mixed greens
green juice, organic green food bar (after workout)
edemame, sesame salad, sweet potato sushi
movie and some popcorn:)

QUESTION: Why do you train? Why do you go so hard? Why do you push it to the limit?
My answer: because i can, because i love pushing myself, seeing what i got, inspiring others to take themselves and inspire others to higher levels:)


  1. Sounds like a great workout Jon!

    Why do I train so hard? Well, while PRs are great in the gym and MBG workouts are fun, I really train to play. I push myself hard in the gym so that when I'm out climbing, running, kayaking or whatever, I know where my limits are. I know how much more I have in the tank and I've learned how to keep it together even when I'm near my limit. Pushing past where I thought i could go again and again, as happens with MBG workouts gives me confidence and peace of mind that I'm prepared for just about anything, including having a hell of a lot of fun!

  2. Jon, with the prison 100 workout were you using the darker green/black rope or the lighter green rope.
    The reason I push myself is I hate being "average", there is "average" everywhere, its easy to be "average". I hate not knowing if i could do something or not, if I aim for the stars and only get to the moon Ill know I did not die trying. Most workouts I end up seeing stars anyway!!
    That is why its awesome you post your workouts as they get me charged. Workouts when you are hurting are an emotional issue. If there is no extrinsic reward (first, second or third place) then it becomes even more difficult to get the mind right to push through when the body wants to stop so bad. To continue achieving the numbers in your work outs JH and doing what what most guys half your age will never have the balls to do shows that age is no barrier if you treat your body with respect.
    Keep up the posting mate, you have all the MBG OZ boys also tracking you. They come in and try your workouts, fail miserably followed by...."Nah bull s--t there is no way he did that"! Ha


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