A few things you might not know about me:)

Instead of writing about my training today and how i ate today i wanted to write on some different points. To answer some questions alot of people might not know about me, my training, my injuries, my family.

How did i get into training?
1973 at 10 years old my dad invented the now famous beaded jump rope...the Lifeline Jump Rope...my dad is Bobby Hinds, aka the Jump Rope King of the 70s:) he was on Johnny Carson, To Tell the Truth, 60 Minutes and lots lots more....so obviously i was jumping rope at an early age:)
1976 at 13 years old my dad invented working out with surgical tubing, Russians had used it for years for sprint training but my dad saw you could use it for full body workouts and made a deluxe portable gym out of cables...so i followed alot of pro athletes and did tons of running and jumping with it along with full body workouts....but as you can see in this 1982 TV commercial i was small and very very underdeveloped:) hahaha that is me at 19 years old, 5'8" and yes, 135lbs:) hahaha

SO because i was so small, i trained hard and at 16 began to work on my jumping using my dads tubing and some russian techniques and learned alot so actually got to start training the UW womens basketball team on how to use the resistance tubing for jumping and running...and that was how i got started:)
Using his tubing and doing the Russian plyo drills is what helped me go from a 25" vertical to 41" in just a few months and is the base for my power jumper and program i still use today:)

Who have i trained and who am i training or working with now? 
Wow, this is a long list:) NBA strength coach for LA Clippers (when we were in the playoffs:) haha
NBA - The Clippers, Sean Kemp, Anferny Hardaway, Brian Kemp, Reggie Lewis, Lucious Harris and lots lots more Pro and College players.

Currently working with New Signey to the Portland Trailblazers Wesley Matthews: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesley_Matthews and what a class act he is, works hard and is a really good person.
Also work with quite a few high school and college local talented ball players as well which i love...they have alot of heart and great work ethics:) We're getting amazing results as always with bball players on verticals and speed big time...still over last 10 years, averaging 8" improvement over 10 weeks!! Love it!!

MLB - Darryl Strawberry, Eric Davis, Glenn Braggs, David Justice, Gary Sheffield, Frank Thomas and lots more Pro and College players.
Also currently work with some college ballplayers as well who are doing amazing! Getting great results improving bat speed, throwing speed and running speed...the triple crown of training and man it's awesome the results we're getting:)

NFL - Vince Buck, Howie Long (yes, just for a short bit while the Raiders were in LA:), lots more. Been working with Tony Gonzalez over the last few years off and on....met Tony thru Colin Campbell (author of the China Study) Colin referred Tony to me because i lost alot of muscle when turning vegan in 2004 and then figured out how to put it back on without any animal products and Colin knew i could help Tony do the same...and he did it:) So well that they did a Wall Street Journal article on it:) http://online.wsj.com/article/NA_WSJ_PUB:SB120122116182915297.html

Hollywood - Woody Harrelson, Steve Guttenberg (still talk to stevie g alot, what a kind soul he is:), Courtney Vance, Roger Aaron Brown, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore (these last 3 i got to train just for a short time as they were my buddy Todd Persons clients and he had enough confidence in me to train them for weeks at a time when he could not:) and lots more:)
Anthony Robbins (still work with Anthony to this day as his fitness advisor and hope to do more work with him in the future) - he is an amazing person and i am super lucky to call him my friend:) He just started a new TV show on tuesday nights on NBC at 7pm CDT and last night it was amazing as usual:)

Today - I run the MBG and still invent lots of equipment for my dads company Lifeline USA.
You probably have used some of them:)
Dang:) that is a good amount!! hahaha
That is the main ones, hope you like em:)

What questions can i answer for you regarding training or equipment?
Hope you all enjoyed todays different blog:) haha
Peace friends peace!!:)


  1. Wow very impressive, Jon! So, just how do you pack on muscle without eating meat? Sounds like it could be complicated.

  2. :) haha man read my posts i havent had any animal products in almost 6 years and have maintained my 6'2", 215 frame at 9%....it's eating strong plant foods my friend!! that is what gives strength and energy, eating LIVE foods, not dead ones! check out my previous posts my friend and see how i eat and i am happy to help you if you want...healthy people, healthy planet my friend, that is what i'm about:)

  3. Thanks for sharing all that with us! It's pretty cool reading how you got started. Wow! You worked with Frank Thomas? The Big Hurt was my favorite ball player when I was a teenager! I have a question about mindset and training. Do you ever have athletes or other trainees at MBG who maybe worry too much about gaining muscle instead of focusing on skill training? What kind of coaching or advice do you give them to not worry about it so much and instead focus on improving skills, conditioning, and overall health?

  4. Jonny, you haven't changed a bit. :) Always love to read your story. It reminds me of a book I"m reading called "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell. It basically talks about how unique opportunity, seized, can lead to greatness. It's about making the most out of every opportunity. Good stuff!

  5. JAMES - you're welcome my friend:) good question you asked as it is very very common...simple solution for them....think 100% about performance, the muscle will come...one reason we have NO mirrors at the MBG:) If they take the MBG physical fitness test: http://monkeybargym.com/mbg-milestones.html they'll find out where they are and can focus on progressing to the next level and i promise the muscle will come:)
    BRAD - thanks my friend:) i'll have to look up that book:) glad you like my stories:) haha
    take care my friends!!!!!


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