Check yourself day

Saturday, July 25th, 2010
Decided to slowly start getting back into the swing of things for this coming week with just
a simple check myself workout.
but before i did that i had alot of other things i wanted to do which were sort of checking in again:)
BREAKFAST: bananas, mangos, raisins, dates, almonds, walnuts over some oats
CHECK IN #1: went and worked with some of the baseball players i train, but today was different, after doing their throw, run, hit resisted drills i wanted to join them on going to the hitting cage and taking a few cuts...this was really cool as they are solid as hell in their technique and really love to break it down. and it made a ton of connection to punching and how i've always stressed how to do proper hip and full body rotation. but they broke down the exact weight on the feet which was cool too.
helped alot with my hitting which besides taking a few off the handle and stinging my hands a LOT:) i felt i did a very good job....FUN MORNING for sure:)
LUNCH: hit whole foods - steamed kale, carrots, mushrooms, lentils, potatoes
CHECK IN #2: went to gym and just wanted to get back in the groove and see how it felt doing some rope climbs (20') and go heavy on some 1 arm MP. So i would do a single rope climb, then do a set of 1aMP working my way heavier on each set and doing a few reps each side. Ended up doing 5 trips to the top of the rope with real strict slow descents and worked up to 1 rep at 44k MP. That felt good, simple strong work that is still working my way back into training hard.
CHECK IN #3: havent done this workout in awhile...30/30 x 30 minutes of jumping rope at a pace of 90 reps in the 30 seconds of work WITH MOUTH CLOSED  the whole time. Done 100 a set before with mouth closed but with a 1lb i used the 2lb rope and for only 90 reps it worked perfect and by the end i had an awesome sweat!
OVER ALL: give myself a 3.75 stars, felt great energy, workouts felt perfect, felt awesome afterwards!
DINNER: after my workout went home and made one of my favorite dinners - two ezekial wraps with spinach hummus, mixed greens, corn, tons of spinach and veggies mixed in!!
Finished the day with a light ride all over madison and got some great pictures of an amazing sunset while riding west...awesome day:)

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: What is it that truly makes you happy AND healthy? What is a perfect day that gives you these two?
Look forward to hearing back from you all:)
Peas, Jon


  1. Jon, a perfect day for me is a day that I can do three things. Eat clean, be physical, and have fun with family and friends. Nothing in the world is better than that for me. Woke up today had a healthy breakfast with the family, trained BJJ(earned my shower), had lunch and watched a movie with the wife and kids. Leaving for work know but the best thing is I get to do it tomorrow again!


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