Body and Cable awesome workout

hey y'all, man i got to tell you about an awesome workout i had yesterday,
was training my bball players and on wed after the jump training we do...
we went outside and did kb's for 20 minutes...following me with 1 kb.
i used a 36k and it went as follows...understand at every possible pause spot
we would pause and take 3 a clean and push pause in
the racked and overhead for 3 breaths on each...on each and every rep:)
10 2a swings, rest 60, 10 1a swings, rest 60, 10 dead cleans each arm, rest 60, 10 push presses
each arm, rest 60, 10 snatches each arm, rest 60, 10 clean and push presses each arm, rest 60,
20 2a swings, rest 60, 10 snatches each arm, rest 60, 12 cl/pp each arm and done:)
that was a great warm up for me and what was to come after my bball boys were done.
here it goes;
wore my backpack too and then i...
attached a R6 c-band to my parallel bars for resisted planche push ups (almost at parallel now:)
attached a R6 c-band to my bar on the floor below my chin up bars for my L seat chin ups
so i did this;
Planche push ups with resistance/no resistance on half of the reps x 20/16/12/8/4/2
L seat chin ups with resistance/no resistance on half of the reps x 10/8/6/4/2/1
honestly this was just an amazing workout...loved it!!
my L seat chin ups i'm killing!!! up to 10 pretty strict ones now which is cool
and i'm doing my planche push ups at almost parallel to the floor...feeling super solid.
EATIN' is off the hook too:) haha
loving the fruit bowl and seeds, nuts, quinoa and or maybe some soy yogurt
me amazing energy all day long, love it!!
what body and cable exercises and workouts do you love most?
you all got to try this one i did if you can use a c-band to resist it...awesome!!!
peace out my friends!


  1. Jonny Bruddah, I gotta crank some cable workouts, this weekend will have me hitting up the killer playgrounds in the area as long as it doesn't rain down here.

    I have the TNT Cables and got the C band for my wrestlers. Will keep you posted my man, good work on the training and nutrition!!

    Peace Bruddah!

  2. Broheem! Been reading/following you for quite a while. You are the man. Total legit stuff. Been following a plant based diet for months now (loving it). Been doing less gym stuff, and more bodyweight and getting amazing results. Staying STRONG.

    Question for you bro: Do you do any prep for your quinoa? Soak before cooking? Anything special? I've been soaking mine for a couple hours before cooking a big batch of it up. thanks man!


  3. hey adam, yeah i know i am suppose to soak them, but honestly dont do it enough:) hahaha, guess i'm sort of what do i got...okay make it now:) less prep:) funny you wrote that, i was just thinking i should really do that with the quinoa for sure...better absorption for sure.
    thanks adam:)


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