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New MBG!! and Fridays Training, Eating and EY!

Yesterday was friday but that is cool:) haha with me at least haha.
been working like crazy lately re-organizing MBG Madison which is a huge process and my New COO Greg Metzler is doing a great job with it which makes me very happy...less stress for me and i can get more done! So we're working alot on the MBG Certified Natural Trainer courses which have
been really doing well, growing in size each course (great!!) and we've been expanding with more licensees as well!!
So next up is our Intensive this coming August 5 to 10 here in's a full house and looks to be another great group!!
After that Jess and I are flying to Canada for a few days of showing our training and inventions at the CANFIT expo in Canada til the 14th then back home for a few more days:)
Big NEWS though is the signing of the lease for MBG Chicago!!! We're working alot on this and really excited as this is the first time i'm opening a New MBG outside of Madison...had a couple close oppo…

A few things you might not know about me:)

Instead of writing about my training today and how i ate today i wanted to write on some different points. To answer some questions alot of people might not know about me, my training, my injuries, my family.

How did i get into training?
1973 at 10 years old my dad invented the now famous beaded jump rope...the Lifeline Jump dad is Bobby Hinds, aka the Jump Rope King of the 70s:) he was on Johnny Carson, To Tell the Truth, 60 Minutes and lots lots obviously i was jumping rope at an early age:)
1976 at 13 years old my dad invented working out with surgical tubing, Russians had used it for years for sprint training but my dad saw you could use it for full body workouts and made a deluxe portable gym out of i followed alot of pro athletes and did tons of running and jumping with it along with full body workouts....but as you can see in this 1982 TV commercial i was small and very very underdeveloped:) hahaha that is me at 19 years old, 5'8" and y…

Hell YEAH BOY!! Messing up the 60 on/ 60 off

Two weeks ago we did the 60 sec on / 60 sec off workout!! Hard core my friends, hard core!
Now if you did this workout with me two weeks ago then  i want nothing less than you raising
up another level!
here it is, dam, another dope jam!:)
MBG 1 (training)
                                     7.12.10                   7.26.10
1. Mil Press                10 x 32k's              *11 x 32k's
2. Cleans                    16 x 44k's              *18 x 44k's
3. HS Pushups                 8                              *10
4. Chins    "L" seat         12                             *13
5. Atomic push ups        24                             *25
6. Body Rows                31                             *33               
7. Lunges (ea leg)      10s x 32k's            *12s x 32k's
8. PW Leg Curls            52                             *63
9. KB Front Squat       6 x 32k's               * 8 x 32k's
10. KB Deadlifts        14 x 60k's (120k)   *1…

Check yourself day

Saturday, July 25th, 2010
Decided to slowly start getting back into the swing of things for this coming week with just
a simple check myself workout.
but before i did that i had alot of other things i wanted to do which were sort of checking in again:)
BREAKFAST: bananas, mangos, raisins, dates, almonds, walnuts over some oats
CHECK IN #1: went and worked with some of the baseball players i train, but today was different, after doing their throw, run, hit resisted drills i wanted to join them on going to the hitting cage and taking a few cuts...this was really cool as they are solid as hell in their technique and really love to break it down. and it made a ton of connection to punching and how i've always stressed how to do proper hip and full body rotation. but they broke down the exact weight on the feet which was cool too.
helped alot with my hitting which besides taking a few off the handle and stinging my hands a LOT:) i felt i did a very good job....FUN MORNING for sure:)

Friday Training....took my 24k's for a long walk and train!!

Decided to take some 24k's for a long walk and every 100 yards or so i'd do a set of dead cleans and military presses for 5 reps each....then rest a minute and walk another 2 blocks then do 5 dead snatches... did this for about 4 sets of each....then began the walk back with sets of 5s alternating cleans, rest, walk a few blocks and then 5s alternating military presses all the way back to the MBG (did about 3 sets each here) ....great simple and not too hard workout!!
Still finishing my moderately easy week and starting to feel stronger:) so i did a bit more.
did 2 sets of 30 HSPU's with the BXT assistance alternated with 2 sets of 30 L chin ups amap to kips for the remainder....this finished the workout off nicely and i felt great!!
mixed fruit, walnuts, soyogurt
1.5 veggie tortilla and mixed greens
green juice, organic green food bar (after workout)
edemame, sesame salad, sweet potato sushi
movie and some popcorn:)

QUESTION: Why do you train? Why do you go so har…

Travel and Training

Just got back from lecturing in minnesota...went well, had fun training but realized i need some
rest and recovery after getting back. i've learned my lessons in my 31 years of training to listen
to my body, not my mind, cause my mind will say train harder every time.
So in listening over the last few days i've realized to put it in cruise control a bit and focus on
technique this week and it feels great!
TRAINING: for example today i did sets of planche holds alternated with lever holds, each for about 6 seconds. worked great, did it for about an hour and mixed in some power wheel rollouts and variations on the
levers. got a great workout and felt like my form on all is improving!

EATING: been eating super clean foods lately:)
spinach, mango, banana, dates and some hemp seeds smoothie
steamed kale, carrots, mushrooms, some tofu
coconut water
two ezekial tortillas, hummus, veggie patties, corn, broccolli

looking forward to training tomorrow:)


Had to do it!

Yesterday after i posted about my stadium run OZMBG posted about a workout...a wicked workout that i did awhile ago; AFAP do 75 kips and 75 double snatches with the 24k' since i could not find my previous PR time i had to make a new PR:) so i had to do it today:)
man what a great workout, i did the workout as follows:
Kips - 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/5 = 7524k's S - 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/5 = 75total time = 11:34* Think this is a PR but not sure? OZ any help on this would help...where did you see that anyways:) haha...felt good and strong, definitely kicks your ass:)
then after training my ballplayers i finished with some more of my simple balance strength work while wearing my backpack (about 12-15lbs):
L seat chin ups touching hands to chest and feet at hip height: 5/4/3/2/1 planche push ups/dips: 16/12/9/6/3this felt really really good, love these two:)
overall a 4 Star day of training:)

For eating:
BREAKFAST: mixed fruit with some kasha cereal, dates, pecans
LUNCH: veggie sandw…

Stadium Stairs again...but different story this time:)!!!!

Had to do it again, did not like how i did on the stadium stairs on saturday, the heat and being a bit sleepy for sure effected i had to go do it again today!!
doing the 6 on saturday i was crashing on the last two and actually walked back to the start after the 6th sprint up the totally different and i knew it.
Today from the get go i never stopped and never walked, i sprinted up strong and immediately began jogging the 120 yards or so over to the other side to sprint up again for number 2. I kept this pace up for all 8 sprints and never slowed! This was more like it for me and i was glad i went and did it again. My friend Joe who told me about this workout told me the UW hockey team will go for 8 this friday too.
PICTURE: two who did NOT quit, they gave their all....and then fell asleep on the floor after !!! haahahahaaha seriously they were sleeping!! BUT they kicked ass first:)

I'm glad i did it already:) NOW I WANT 10!!:)
This was a great workout, felt st…

Todays 1 min on 1 min off workout

todays workout was a tough one but i loved it!
do amap reps in the 60 seconds, rest 60 seconds
This was hard, but good:) for sure the HSPU's were hurt from the MP's, then the "L" seat chin ups wasnt so bad:) felt pretty good on the atomic push ups and body rows. the lunges for sure got my HR up:) and the leg curls were obviously pretty easy:) haha i crushed them:) but then i was crushed on the front squats with the 32s:) but made up for it with the 60k's:) overall it was very hard the 60 second rest goes by quickly:) Breakfast: mixed fruit with dates, soyogurt and pecans
Lunch: same as breakfast :) hahaha okay i like it:) haha
Dinner: ezekial tortillas with hummus, veggies and some eggless tofu salad on them. then a big ol sweet potato:)
Late night snack: little bowl of popcorn with flax oil on it:)
Felt good today:)
How did you all do on this workout??
Peace my friends:)

saturdays stadium stairs of hell!!!

man o man, today i was talking with one of the MBG trainers...joe, joe also is assistant Univ of Wis Hockey strength coach and he told me a sweet workout the hockey team did at the UW football stadium. it was very very wicked. so i rode my bike over to the stadium to do the workout!
first off you run/jog up to the upper deck of the stadium...think about 5 story high of ramps to run, then you walk out into the upper deck and it's steeeeeeep!
got to guess it was about 45 that is one point, you sprint to the top from the bottom in 15 seconds or less...then you jog down to the other end of the bleachers...about 120 yards and then go
down to the bottom and sprint up again to the you sprint to top in 15 or less, then you got
1:45 to get to the other side and repeat amap without going over 15 seconds.
OMG this crushed me:) hahahahaha made it 6 times and that is what the UW hockey player did too, but it was brutal for sure. then i laid out on the nice and cool r…

Body and Cable awesome workout

hey y'all, man i got to tell you about an awesome workout i had yesterday,
was training my bball players and on wed after the jump training we do...
we went outside and did kb's for 20 minutes...following me with 1 kb.
i used a 36k and it went as follows...understand at every possible pause spot
we would pause and take 3 a clean and push pause in
the racked and overhead for 3 breaths on each...on each and every rep:)
10 2a swings, rest 60, 10 1a swings, rest 60, 10 dead cleans each arm, rest 60, 10 push presses
each arm, rest 60, 10 snatches each arm, rest 60, 10 clean and push presses each arm, rest 60,
20 2a swings, rest 60, 10 snatches each arm, rest 60, 12 cl/pp each arm and done:)
that was a great warm up for me and what was to come after my bball boys were done.
here it goes;
wore my backpack too and then i...
attached a R6 c-band to my parallel bars for r…

Saturday training and riding

ABOVE PIC: in Rio at sugarloaf and i was gonna do a planche on the edge of this building and this old dude freaked out:) hahaha this is right as i was about to do it and 1 second before he ran over and "no no no!!!" it was funny cause i do this all the time and thought it would be a cool shot...but did not want to scare the guy anymore:) so i stopped:) SLIGHTLY COOL VIEW HUH!!
awesome day today - road, trained, ate awesome foods:
road to a park, did sets of planche dips with side to side chin ups for about 4 sets each, then went
then road some more, had a huge fresh squeezed watermelon juice
then road some more:) and stopped and did some L seat chins and planche push up holds
then road some more, had a huge fresh squeezed watermelon juice:)
then road out to whole foods and ate a huge salad of steamed collards with carrots, beets,
corn and some tofu (dont eat tofu much but it tastes good)
later i came across a super long row of bike racks in upside down U shapes...about 20 i…

This week of training!

hey all, this has been an awesome week again of training, eating and just having fun doing what i do:)
basically to get an idea of how i train;
i bike everywhere (gave my car away 4 years ago) and always have biked biking.
m, w, f do either our MBG workout or my own bodyweight version of it.
mondays was my favorite "J Rock" so that is my favorite workout...did well on it too:)
7 HSPU > 6 HSPUs with BXT assistance of 60lbs > 6 inverted half planche push ups > about 10 planche dips...always do about 10 of these to finish off the set...i know it's only suppose to be 20:) haha
alternated with;
4 slow cycling side to sides > 5 full ROM in/outs > 5 close grip L seat chin ups > 4 chins > 2-4 kips
did the 3 sets of each and felt great!!
did a similar workout on wednesday but mixed in different exercises.
on tuesday and thursday biked a ton and then would stop and do some 1A hand balancing alternated on park benches with some 1 arm assisted …