Practice makes perfect

Been working hard on all my handbalancing and bar drills and it's starting to pay off:)
for the first time ever i smoothly went from a handstand hold to a planche hold on the ground,
which i've never even been close on before...lowered my 215lbs all the way to within 1" of the ground for my chest and hips...i was pretty amped!!
just love training bodyweight:)
today trained handstand holds to planche holds, mixed with super slow side to side chins
then did L seat rope climbs mixed with 30" box muscle ups (for sure harder on lower box, but did em:)
trained for about an hour and felt good when done!
ate strong again today:
fruit bowl with some soy yogurt, pecans and dates
lunch was spinach, banana and mangos smoothie
dinner was tons of veggies and some white beans
then made some popcorn with flax oil and a bit of sea salt
felt good today and am really loving the eating and training and eischens yoga
...mmm MBG3:) haha
yes i love it:)
here is a pic of me and my old buddy stevie g (steve guttenberg:) he is an awesome dude and it was really great to hang out again with's been too long and he is a true friend!
take care my friends


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