nyc mbg'n at the park:)

hey all i'm here in nyc getting ready to do 3 half day seminars in 3 days:)
really looking forward to it:) man i love hanging out here in nyc in the LES!!!
eating good too, my boy gavin hooked me up with his buddy marcus who owns
a really cool fresh juice place on first and houston and he made me my favorite
banana and date smoothie this morning!! he tried it and made it todays special:) haha
this afternoon gavin and his friend magnus all went down near the river park to train
and had a great time....climbing poles, planche push ups, parallel bar muscle ups
and tons more, we trained...or played for over 2 hours!!:) it was awesome!!
met tons of real cool dudes who trained really hard core down there which is great!
love the bodyweight training man, love it:)
afterwards went and grubbed big time at the atlas cafe with a lentil and walnut burger
and some sweet potato fries!! it was awesome:)
having a great time here and wish you all could join me here and train and do the
rebuilding warriors seminars with me too:)
if you live on the east coast come on by, if you live in the west coast stay tuned
for the july seminar in LA...if you live in the midwest you got to come by and train
with us at the madison MBG!!!
MBG3 baby!!  Train skills, restore with active alignment, eat lots of plants, drink lots of water and laugh as much as you can:)!!!!!
stay strong y'all!!


  1. Oh man! Would love it if you could make it to the East Texas/West Louisiana area sometime for a seminar. I would absolutely be there!!!

  2. hey james, we're actually opening two locations down there soon!! one in OKC and one in Austin:) and as part of MBG licensed facilities we come by and do seminars on our MBG 3: skills training, Eischens Yoga and plant based nutrition!! so for sure it will be soon my friend!! so stay connected and look for those soon okay:) it will be a pleasure to meet you man!!:)


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