living, learning and growing

Life is interesting, the feeling good and the struggles are both opportunities for learning.
Last week i decided to step away from running the day to days of the monkey bar gym...i handed the reigns over to greg metzler...he is a good man, organized and a hard worker...i feel very good about him taking over...and even better that i can now begin to focus more on what i love...loving life:), training, teaching and dreaming and growing the MBG to the next level with greg, jessica and the MBG team all over the country and even now overseas:)
i am learning to go with the flow, to NOT resist life, to listen to what makes me happy, to also listen to what does not as it is a time to learn and grow.
with my mbg...letting greg take over feels good, learning to trust others and to allow them to shine!
with my life....listening more, being more patient with myself and others. this is really big as both have had an incredibly positive effect:) i know if i just keep doing what feels good and un-forced and believe all these good things i am dreaming will come true they will come:)
i am learning this with work, with myself and those close to me, with my own training, with my eating with everything:) it is very cool.
i understand life is like waves, up/down....repeat:) hopefully we learn how to flow with it:)
rickson use to say that all the time...flow, that is key to success in jiu-jitsu and in life.
for those moments your in the flow they are awesome, you feel connected.
for those moments you do not feel in the flow, out of balance, resisting, you feel dis-connected...well, it happens, it is life:) as long as we just accept that this is life it seems okay.
i think of this story; a young monk seeks enlightment, so he goes to visit the master at the top of the mountain to hear what enlightment he approaches the top he sees the master carrying a load of sticks, he goes up and asks the master...master can you help me, teach me what enlightment is...the master just looks at him and smiles and then sets down the load of sticks...the young monk then says...ah i get it:) but what happens after enlightment? then the master looks again at him, smiles and picks up the sticks and begins walking again"
love it:)
good lesson:)


  1. Wow. Big news Jon! Sounds like you'll still be really involved in spreading the MBG3 gospel around the world so that's good. Thanks for everything you've given to MBG so far and hope to see you soon in LA.

    Great attitude my friend! Thanks for sharing.

  2. haha thanks for staying positive and connected my friend:) nothing good comes easy and this is definitely good:) take care my friend! jon

  3. Jon, ever since you told me this mountain story, I've though about it almost every day! Thanks for the good words of wisdom.

  4. yeah, read it in a bruce lee book along time ago...i think when teaching bjj. made alot of sense for those moments when you 'got it' and those those following moments when you're like.. i had it:) hahaha ebb and flow:) life:) glad you like it josh:)


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