Getting stronger!

Fridays workout was great! did my usual bodyweight work for about 45 minutes then did a 15/15 box muscle up workout...that was wicked man!!
basically my training goes like this do some handstand balance work first and progress to bow L seats to inverted press holds and low half reps....not able to press out of it yet but at least i am now able to hold it for quite a while and to do about 12 half reps (at the bottom) while keeping my balance, alternated with some light pull up variations; side to sides, circles, in/outs, air the constant changing and challenging on each one.
this training reminds me alot of when i use to breakdance as a teen...i would go, maybe do some windmills, then my boy (greg) would go and do something slightly different. we and maybe another dude would basically keep this pace up for an hour or two, constantly changing and challenging each other to try and do slightly different things...not looked at all like a was purely in movement skills. THIS is the best training we can do i believe, it is constant evolution of movements, it is constantly challenging ourselves to higher levels...but doing so in a manner that is fun as hell!!
isnt that the point?
well this is how i train, i love it:)
going to chicago to lecture tomorrow so gots to go!!
have fun!


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