whew today was a busy day:) had meeting about MBG til noon, taught noon class, then worked out
on skills for about an hour;
  • handstand holds without taking any steps, trying to relax while i hold it yet be lengthening the whole time...did about 4 sets of 10 breath hold, 32, 25, 25, 25
  • assisted slow muscle ups, barely had my feet touching the floor so i could go super slow and do really strict and really slow muscle ups...did about 5 sets of 4
  • assisted iron cross holds for 5 count then slowly lower to ground and repeat for 5 sets of 4 reps
  • after about 1 hour of this skill training i then began some more intense training:)
    • 15/15 x 10 minutes of box muscle ups for sets of 3 each set for 60 total
    • rested 5 minutes, then did another 
    • 15/15 x 10 minutes of 32k's clean and push press for 62 total reps...havent done this in about a year and a half since doing 80 reps and that was crazy hard and wanted to just test the waters today and for doing at the end of my workout and for having NOT touched a KB in a long time i feel pretty darn good about getting 62, it actually felt pretty easy til i added in a few sets of 4 at the end:)
  • OVERALL - 3.75 stars workout, got alot of skill training in, got a great 15/15 in with box muscle ups which turned out to be an awesome workout...then still had enough in the tank to do a pretty darn good 15/15 with the 32s:)
My eating lately has been on point and that is probably why i felt so good today:)
BREAKFAST: been killing the fruit bowl with a little quinoa and soy yogurt lately and that is working:)
AFTER WORKOUT LUNCH: been having either my spinach, banana smoothie OR today had a banana, mango smoothie poured over 2 bananas with some dates and that was awesome:)
DINNER: had 2 ezekial tortilla wraps with some hummus on them, some curried tofu and tons of veggies, then for a after meal snack had some sweet potatoes!!
Overall been feeling really good the last few days, guess i'm recovering from my NYC trip and lots of traveling lately.
UPCOMING: lecturing at the Perform Better seminar next sunday morning in Chicago, that should be fun:)
"Be like animals; animals eat when hungry, eat til satisfied and eat what is instinctive to them, animals active stretch many times a day...never static stretch, animals constantly train skills thru play all their lives....So why do we eat when full and eat animal products if we're not predators, we're the only species that eats meat and milk that is not designed for it? why do we static stretch....we're the only species that does? and why do we train for appearance instead of animal would ever think of doing this:)?
SO, be like animals, flow with nature, do not try to out-do mother nature...flow with nature, do not fight against her:)


  1. Hey Jon, great workout! I'm curious about your comment that we were not "designed" to be predators i.e. meat eaters. I am certainly plant-based and rarely eat any animal products and get the milk thing for sure but can you elaborate on the other point? Also, I get why we shouldn't stuff ourselves when we eat but it seems like many animals gorge when they can as food is often scarce. As humans we did this ourselves in our ancient past. It is part of the reason our bodies hold onto calories to this day as a guard against lean times. Of course, I'm no expert. Thanks!

  2. Awesome stuff, Jonny, kick ass in chi-town, bruddah!

  3. hey brad, good questions, i'll do my best to answer them:)
    we dont have fangs or protruding jaws
    we dont have claws
    we dont have short intestines to quickly get rid of the meat before it rots, instead we have long intestines made for slower digestion of plants.
    we dont desire to eat live animals, instead we naturally desire sweet fruits mostly and can eat some plants, raw nuts and seeds and some grains if prepared for us properly.
    but the thought of killing an animal with our bare hands?? NO:)
    the thought of biting into the animal?? NO:)
    predators might stuff themselves in hurries, grazing animals like we are...NO:) we take are time, especially today i do not think it is necessary to overeat as we do.
    eat when hungry
    eat til full
    eat foods that are natural to primates (fruits, vegs, raw nuts and seeds)
    drink lots of water
    that is what i believe.

  4. Excellent points Jon! More ammunition for the naysayers. :) Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. It means a lot. Have a great time in Chi-Town.

  5. thanks man:) did have a great time in chicago!


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