Craziness!!!! and a Great Day:)

OKAY this is crazy!!! this picture which i jokingly photoshopped 1 month ago of me with my buddies zach and gavin in NYC onto the Times Square buildings is sort of funny....BUT TODAY i was told i was actually on the Times Square building this last week!!! It was a picture of me doing a chin up with the PUR (pull up revolution)!!! Crazy!! and very very cool huh:) hahaha 


Check out a super simple day of eating and training and feeling great!!:
BREAKFAST: mixed fruit, raw nuts, dates LUNCH: mangos, berries, quinoa, raw nuts. DINNER: salad, carrots, beets, some tofu and of course some sweet potatoes:) WORKOUT: static holds...rode my bike all around town looking for areas to do various hold...; an old building had some cool railings so i did some stahl bar type fully extended walk ups...sort of like being fully extended on the power wheel and then walking hands up some stahl bars, it was awesome. alternated that with simple HSholds for about 30 breaths each time w/o wall...just focusing on form. rode a bit more then found a small playground with some nice stuff to play / train:) on...a park bench which i kicked up (with one hand on the back support and one on the seat) and held 1AHS's assisted with high arm, alternated 5 kickups each arm with 1A ChinUp holds with second arm out straight to the side on top of chin up bar....loved this...did these for about 45 minutes:) then rode a bit more more, got some good food for dinner and rode home. 

it was a beautiful day here in madison, 75 and clear...perfect:) was just a super perfect afternoon to ride and train. 

got to love the simple things; simple foods, simple training, chillin' :)



  1. Loved the last line! Simple foods, simple training. That is it man!!! Since I adopted that philosophy 6 months ago, I am just so much happier with how I feel, both physically and mentally. Much of this is because of you and the MBG and all the info y'all share. Thanks so much!! And you are so right: enjoying the simple things in life is such a key part to everyday happiness!

  2. Those are some mad p-shop skillz my friend! Sounds like a fun day.

  3. ahhhhhhhhh that sh*t is crazeeeeeeee, bruddah!!!!!

  4. hahaha, thanks my friends!! James, glad you like the words my my best to live by them:) makes me happy:) and glad to hear you too:)
    brad - that really IS a times square ad for the PUR:)
    zach a riah!!! - stay cool brah!!!!

  5. Jon,

    Oh, I know that one was real. Very cool. I was referring to the one with your buddies in it. :)


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