Chicago Fitness Summit

Yesterday i lectured at the Chicago Perform Better Fitness Summit, it was my first time lecturing for them and without a doubt it was really a fun experience:) Joining me was my top Trainer Jessica Rucker, our new COO of the MBG Greg Metzler, our two head MBG Chicago trainers Costallano Huffman and Erin Webb and one of my good friends and CNT 2 Paul Alexander who came from Milwaukee. It actually could not have been set up better, my lecture was put at the two worst times on the last day of the 4 day summit, 8am on sunday and 11am on sunday (2 lectures). We also did not do power point, i never do and by not doing so Chris (one of the heads of Perform Better) said you'll get much less attendance if you dont do a PP...well the gods must of been looking over us as we packed the house!!:) it was really a pleasant surprise to see so many people and what made it even better was the amount of attention and excitement over what we were teaching...the MBG training methods:)
have to say it is a very very exciting time right now, we're going with the flow and the energy is strong!!:) All the MBG'ers who assisted me were just amazing, they know their stuff, they nailed it!! We also met and talked alot about MBG Chicago which is so exciting too it is hard not to talk about it alot:)
People were really great who came and supported the lectures and it really made me feel alot of love:) very very cool!
when we travel (me and jessica) we usually can get a bit off balance with sleep, eating and training (workouts and EY) and must say on that point too, we're on point:) we're really listening to our guts on all MBG 3 points and more...we're really paying attention to following our guts, listening, honing in on what makes us happy...this is super important. not saying eat mcdonalds and sleep all day:) haha but am saying dont force things because we feel we have to, we're still training hard, eating awesome strong foods and doing EY all regularily and doing each in a manner that we want to do...that is each makes us feel good, feel strong and vibrant.
nothing new...follow nature, sleep when sleepy, rest when tired, eat when hungry, stop when satisfied, active stretch a bit here and there during the day, play alot:) haha smile alot and enjoy those around you.
SO after lecturing all morning and having a blast doing it, then hanging out with jess, cos and erin at whole foods in chicago (borat voice...NICE:) haha
they had a fun ride back with jess, then went right to the playground to train for about an hour...simple holds...planches, levers, flagpoles. then i went for a long bike ride, sunny and about 78!! rode downtown and got a fresh watermelon juice which hit the spot then some guys were playing hand drums in the open mall and invited me to play! it was a blast!!:) then rode back home, made a huge salad, tons of veggies and some black beans....and chilled with my cats:)
a really fun day!!


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