Back on track:)

Hey everybody, getting back on track, last time i posted i think i mentioned i crushed myself playing basketball all day out in the 90plus heat:) well i got heat stroke a bit i think:) a thing to pay attention to in the future for a friend said when i saw him he laughed and said ahh too much sun, too little water:) he had done it many times...guess that is what happened. Have any of you had this happen? Kicked my butt!:) Anyways i've still been training simple and still been eating simple clean foods; fruits, veggies, raw nuts and seeds pretty much with occassional sweet potatoes:)
Energy and strength is coming back every day but boy did that wipe me for a few days:) hahaha
Over the last week it has been interesting how the simple training and eating has felt so good.
almost under training in  order to train properly...never coming close to fatique on any sets.
resting as much as i wanted between all sets and stopping whenever i has definitely been a nice rest from my normally more intensive training. All i've been doing is sets of planche dips/push ups alternated with L seat chin ups...sets of 8 and 5 respectively for as many sets as i wanted...usually lasted for about 10 sets actually and took me almost 45 minutes to do...felt good, solid every day.
then on alternate days i would do some simple leg drills and maybe some power wheel curls too in alternating fashion for 8-10 sets each...then maybe some levers or power wheel rollouts as well. nothing was done in a intensive manner where i would feel fatique or a stressed approach to doing the sets. and it really felt great:) even though i was not feeling 100%.
It is also fun to begin getting back to harder drills as well, yesterday i began to play around with our workout of 100 yards too...just play mind you:) haha
so i did some rope climbs....DANG!! haha use it or lose it!! haha
that is so true, it's probably been a year since last doing rope climbs and for sure it kicked my but, i can still no leg it up to the top of our 20' rope but dang that was not easy:) haha
also tried a L seat rope got to give mad props to those that can do lots of that...that is no joke:)
Great New meal of the week: big ol' fruit bowl of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, dates, grapes and then some raw walnuts sprinkled on top. Sometimes i'd cover with blended bananas which takes it to another level....11:)
Exercise of the week: without question my exercise of the week has been the planche push ups/ how this makes me feel. make sure to stay in extension, if you're not feeling the backside of the body, the low back, the butt, the hammies all working in extension, then you're missing the boat on this one. Staying in extension works the backside like crazy!..almost to the point of cramping the hammies:) and then you get the planche push up/dips in there as love this one! I use boxes at my gym, but we also recently put in some parallel bars which work perfect too!
Lesson of the week: go with the flow, not to force life and just go with it! another thing i learned while being sort of fried this week was i work alot and that can be stressful...been reading alot, just sitting outside and going with the flow...downstream as ester hicks promotes:) each moment of life, choose to flow downstream, going with the flow and not against it...this is a lesson Rickson Gracie taught us many years ago in BJJ, as he would say "flow with the go" but we all knew what he meant:) haha
have a great day everyone and wish me a happy birthday tomorrow on our FB page:) haha 47!!:)


  1. Welcome back Jon! Glad you're feeling better. Heat stroke is no joke. I grew up playing sports in AZ and it was something you dealt with a lot. You probably got nailed because the heat came on so quickly and you folks had barely come out of winter. :) Anyway, happy birthday Jon! Keep kickin' butt.

  2. thanks brad, yeah it came on really fast and i was out playing for about 12 hours!! seriously:)
    hope to see you soon my friend!
    thanks too!!


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