Back home:)

Just got back home from a great trip to NYC, couple of interesting things occurred while on my trip;
realized the MBG gets alot of love in NYC and everywhere we go really...people love it and all phases of it, the training of skills, the eischens yoga and plant based nutrition.
This really motivates me to do more seminars and lectures in bigger cities and to keep living and spreading a positive fitness message.
The skill training: every night we would go down to a local park near the east side highway and train... it was awesome, they have a great set up for all types of chins, push ups, dips, rows, even a track to run sprints and a soccer was great!! Did mostly my favorites like yesterdays J Rock workout; planche push ups alternated with various chins ups - side to sides, in outs, pole climbs, kips and L seat chins...then did alot of hanging prone to supine off the parallel bars which was awesome and lots lots more!! love it:)
The Eischens Yoga: the Rebuilding Warriors seminars were awesome, they were short, about 3 hours and we just focused on kneeling table, prone mountain and supine bridge but all felt great after doing the poses and learning the feedback...that was priceless:)
The plant based nutrition: man nyc is easy to live PB in:) tons of great places to eat in every neighborhood and tons of choices too from healthy PB to PB cupcakes like we had a few times at babycakes!!:) crazy tasty desserts:) haha
We're already planning on more NYC seminars now and want to replicate the same in LA very soon too. We did the RW's seminars and now want to do some handstands, jump training and more skill training seminars and also one that has gotten tons of interest is the Plant Based to eat plant based for athletes and all!
Tell me what you all are thinking or what topics you would like more knowledge on and i'll do my best to get it out there!
take care and talk to you soon my friends:)


  1. Dude, EAST Coast, SON! By the beach AND NYC, time to kick ass w/it, psyched to learn more, Jonny!!!

  2. Haha, zach a riah!!! for sure i'm coming back east and we're gonna train some more and surf a bit and skateboard some too!!
    see you soon brah!


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