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Craziness!!!! and a Great Day:)

OKAY this is crazy!!! this picture which i jokingly photoshopped 1 month ago of me with my buddies zach and gavin in NYC onto the Times Square buildings is sort of funny....BUT TODAY i was told i was actually on the Times Square building this last week!!! It was a picture of me doing a chin up with the PUR (pull up revolution)!!! Crazy!! and very very cool huh:) hahaha  Check out a super simple day of eating and training and feeling great!!:
BREAKFAST: mixed fruit, raw nuts, dates LUNCH: mangos, berries, quinoa, raw nuts. DINNER: salad, carrots, beets, some tofu and of course some sweet potatoes:) WORKOUT: static holds...rode my bike all around town looking for areas to do various hold...; an old building had some cool railings so i did some stahl bar type fully extended walk ups...sort of like being fully extended on the power wheel and then walking hands up some stahl bars, it was awesome. alternated that with simple HSholds for about 30 breaths each time w/o wall...just focusing on …

Chicago Fitness Summit

Yesterday i lectured at the Chicago Perform Better Fitness Summit, it was my first time lecturing for them and without a doubt it was really a fun experience:) Joining me was my top Trainer Jessica Rucker, our new COO of the MBG Greg Metzler, our two head MBG Chicago trainers Costallano Huffman and Erin Webb and one of my good friends and CNT 2 Paul Alexander who came from Milwaukee. It actually could not have been set up better, my lecture was put at the two worst times on the last day of the 4 day summit, 8am on sunday and 11am on sunday (2 lectures). We also did not do power point, i never do and by not doing so Chris (one of the heads of Perform Better) said you'll get much less attendance if you dont do a PP...well the gods must of been looking over us as we packed the house!!:) it was really a pleasant surprise to see so many people and what made it even better was the amount of attention and excitement over what we were teaching...the MBG training methods:)
have to say it i…

Getting stronger!

Fridays workout was great! did my usual bodyweight work for about 45 minutes then did a 15/15 box muscle up workout...that was wicked man!!
basically my training goes like this do some handstand balance work first and progress to bow L seats to inverted press holds and low half reps....not able to press out of it yet but at least i am now able to hold it for quite a while and to do about 12 half reps (at the bottom) while keeping my balance, alternated with some light pull up variations; side to sides, circles, in/outs, air the constant changing and challenging on each one.
this training reminds me alot of when i use to breakdance as a teen...i would go, maybe do some windmills, then my boy (greg) would go and do something slightly different. we and maybe another dude would basically keep this pace up for an hour or two, constantly changing and challenging each other to try and do slightly different things...not looked at all like a was purely in…

living, learning and growing

Life is interesting, the feeling good and the struggles are both opportunities for learning.
Last week i decided to step away from running the day to days of the monkey bar gym...i handed the reigns over to greg metzler...he is a good man, organized and a hard worker...i feel very good about him taking over...and even better that i can now begin to focus more on what i love...loving life:), training, teaching and dreaming and growing the MBG to the next level with greg, jessica and the MBG team all over the country and even now overseas:)
i am learning to go with the flow, to NOT resist life, to listen to what makes me happy, to also listen to what does not as it is a time to learn and grow.
with my mbg...letting greg take over feels good, learning to trust others and to allow them to shine!
with my life....listening more, being more patient with myself and others. this is really big as both have had an incredibly positive effect:) i know if i just keep doing what feels good and un-fo…

Practice makes perfect

Been working hard on all my handbalancing and bar drills and it's starting to pay off:)
for the first time ever i smoothly went from a handstand hold to a planche hold on the ground,
which i've never even been close on before...lowered my 215lbs all the way to within 1" of the ground for my chest and hips...i was pretty amped!!
just love training bodyweight:)
today trained handstand holds to planche holds, mixed with super slow side to side chins
then did L seat rope climbs mixed with 30" box muscle ups (for sure harder on lower box, but did em:)
trained for about an hour and felt good when done!
ate strong again today:
fruit bowl with some soy yogurt, pecans and dates
lunch was spinach, banana and mangos smoothie
dinner was tons of veggies and some white beans
then made some popcorn with flax oil and a bit of sea salt
felt good today and am really loving the eating and training and eischens yoga
...mmm MBG3:) haha
yes i love it:)
here is a pic of me and my old buddy…


whew today was a busy day:) had meeting about MBG til noon, taught noon class, then worked out
on skills for about an hour;
handstand holds without taking any steps, trying to relax while i hold it yet be lengthening the whole time...did about 4 sets of 10 breath hold, 32, 25, 25, 25 assisted slow muscle ups, barely had my feet touching the floor so i could go super slow and do really strict and really slow muscle ups...did about 5 sets of 4assisted iron cross holds for 5 count then slowly lower to ground and repeat for 5 sets of 4 repsafter about 1 hour of this skill training i then began some more intense training:)15/15 x 10 minutes of box muscle ups for sets of 3 each set for 60 totalrested 5 minutes, then did another 15/15 x 10 minutes of 32k's clean and push press for 62 total reps...havent done this in about a year and a half since doing 80 reps and that was crazy hard and wanted to just test the waters today and for doing at the end of my workout and for having NOT touched …

Back home:)

Just got back home from a great trip to NYC, couple of interesting things occurred while on my trip;
realized the MBG gets alot of love in NYC and everywhere we go really...people love it and all phases of it, the training of skills, the eischens yoga and plant based nutrition.
This really motivates me to do more seminars and lectures in bigger cities and to keep living and spreading a positive fitness message.
The skill training: every night we would go down to a local park near the east side highway and train... it was awesome, they have a great set up for all types of chins, push ups, dips, rows, even a track to run sprints and a soccer was great!! Did mostly my favorites like yesterdays J Rock workout; planche push ups alternated with various chins ups - side to sides, in outs, pole climbs, kips and L seat chins...then did alot of hanging prone to supine off the parallel bars which was awesome and lots lots more!! love it:)
The Eischens Yoga: the Rebuilding Warriors semi…

nyc mbg'n at the park:)

hey all i'm here in nyc getting ready to do 3 half day seminars in 3 days:)
really looking forward to it:) man i love hanging out here in nyc in the LES!!!
eating good too, my boy gavin hooked me up with his buddy marcus who owns
a really cool fresh juice place on first and houston and he made me my favorite
banana and date smoothie this morning!! he tried it and made it todays special:) haha
this afternoon gavin and his friend magnus all went down near the river park to train
and had a great time....climbing poles, planche push ups, parallel bar muscle ups
and tons more, we trained...or played for over 2 hours!!:) it was awesome!!
met tons of real cool dudes who trained really hard core down there which is great!
love the bodyweight training man, love it:)
afterwards went and grubbed big time at the atlas cafe with a lentil and walnut burger
and some sweet potato fries!! it was awesome:)
having a great time here and wish you all could join me here and train and do the
rebuilding …

Back on track:)

Hey everybody, getting back on track, last time i posted i think i mentioned i crushed myself playing basketball all day out in the 90plus heat:) well i got heat stroke a bit i think:) a thing to pay attention to in the future for a friend said when i saw him he laughed and said ahh too much sun, too little water:) he had done it many times...guess that is what happened. Have any of you had this happen? Kicked my butt!:) Anyways i've still been training simple and still been eating simple clean foods; fruits, veggies, raw nuts and seeds pretty much with occassional sweet potatoes:)
Energy and strength is coming back every day but boy did that wipe me for a few days:) hahaha
Over the last week it has been interesting how the simple training and eating has felt so good.
almost under training in  order to train properly...never coming close to fatique on any sets.
resting as much as i wanted between all sets and stopping whenever i has definitely been a nice res…