Tuesday, 5.18.10 and back at it!!

Felt good to be back home again:) As much as i love traveling and teaching it can for sure make keeping tight with your workouts a challenge:)
Morning WHATTTT? no electricity this am!!! No smoothie!! AHHHGGG:) haha
wow i missed my smoothie this morning, oh well, still ate great, 5 oranges and 15 dates:) great:)
that really kept me going good til after my workout,
Workout: did a simple one i did last week after 20 hours of travel...a simple strength workout:
1) HSPU's x 10 sets of 6 = 60 total reps
2) Chin ups to chest to bar x 10 sets of 6 = 60 reps
3.7*'s!! for how i felt beforehand which was a bit tired this was again a great workout!
really felt strong towards the end of this workout and felt strong leaving the gym too...THAT is very important...to leave feeling strong and healthy and that i did for sure:)
POST WORKOUT:) made my favorite 11 banana + 12 dates + carob mock ice cream poured on bananas:)  a 1,400 cal smoothie which felt great!! my body is getting more and more use to this size of meals which is cool...dang this is so good its crazy:)
Dinner was great too, tons of veggies, our local veggie patties (100% natural organic veggies), some black beans, broccoli, corn over some brown rice and spinach...this was really good...then finished with some sweet potatoes:)
during my workout i was resting and saw a snapple low cal tea bottle saying nothing but good things from the earth on the label. this got me to thinking...it's low cal? it's got to have a sweetener and most likely it's a cheap one...so i looked and sure enough Snapple's tea had aspartame in it which is one of the most toxic substances used in drinks out today!! It's literally poisonous! This has made 3 Whoa moments for me in the last week...first was is still is the Pink buckets by KFC...this is so pitiful it is crazy to even talk about this...the company that produces a product that literally causes cancer, saying they want to help cancer research??? SERIOUSLY???
The second was the "Biggest Loser" selling a high protein ice cream that helps you lose weight. Milk and Splenda (a form of aspartame...poison...again)....REALLY??
Now the Snapple people saying "everything good from the earth" wow, poisonous substances are good for you?? well i guess if the making a buck is what is good for you:) then YES i guess they are:)
But here is 3 cases consumers are sold a bill of goods: KFC, Biggest Loser and now Snapple are all about making money first and foremost and our health is least important! Take a look past the ads, take a look at what is the real agenda...money.
Lets question them folks, lets find the truth! When it comes to foods, Micheal Pollen said it best, if you see a food advertised, you probably shouldnt eat it cause it is cheap and processed foods that are full of bad things for you...in this case the 3 above are perfect examples of just this!
Stay strong my friends, spread the good vibes!!


  1. Brad has a lot of good ideas in regards to spreading MBG3 message. Also, why not try print media? Mainstream mags such as Outdoor and Men's Health I think would be great. Also, MBG t-shirts with a message on the back could work.

  2. Thanks James. Jon FYI those comments are on the earlier post. Another thought is to have an event or several regional events that bring MBG3 to the people. Perhaps in conjunction with affiliates. The events could be similar to a cert. but less expensive and more about getting a lot of people involved and psyched on MBG3. Over 2-3 days there could be indoor/outdoor workouts, Eischen's yoga demos and classes, speakers (nutrition, enviro, etc.), plant-based nutrition demos and tastings, etc. Make it accessible and I think people will come. Once they try it, they're hooked. :)

  3. ... and an MBG3 special price on Vitamix blenders if you buy them at the event. :)

  4. hey brad and james:) love the idea:) and i think we can do this very soon as we have moved to shorter intro seminars already on our training. Doing 2 MBG 1 day seminars in NYC next month and then 1 MBG 1 day seminar in LA in july. i think you're right on though...make them alot more educational, we plan on teaching MBG3 over a 3-4 hour seminar for a very small fee and think this is a great way to get people involved. it sounds like what you are thinking is 1-2 day events that bring in speakers, like dr.colin campbell on nutrition, we can speak on the training and restoration...do short sessions on both and then also talk environment as well...biking more, eating local foods, using less energy...basically lowering our carbon footprints...and of course vitamixers:) haha Is that what you are saying? well might not be able to do it over these events in june and july, but since we are going to visit all MBG licensees now we're planning alot more of these events and they are perfect showcases to promote MBG3 + 1 environmentalism!!:)
    what do you think guys?

  5. That's it exactly Jon. You got it.


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