Tuesday, 5.11.10

Today it is still cold and rainy here in madison...slept in today:) haha and it was awesome:)
Just chillin'!
Started my day with my usual Tea, then banana/date smoothie poured all over a bunch more sliced bananas...but today i replaced them with red bananas and plantain and it was awesome!!
I know i've said it before but DANG!!! This is so good, cant believe it's not ice cream. Then a funny thing happened, i go to a local cafe to work and ge this e-mail from kim lyons of the biggest loser, she is promoting this high protein ice cream, they show all these pics of people losing fat, getting lean, saying it's so tasty and so good for you too. So i investigate, it's ingredients are whey protein, then a bunch of ingredients i could not pronounce and then the sucralose...basically a poison. It is crazy the crap people
sell as healthy, this is exactly why i opened my MBG, this is exactly why i got sick of the bull that the fitness world is pushing on people...crap!! They are trying to make money off everyone with a product that they sell as super tasty and super healthy...but it's not! look up sucralose and you'll find it contains poisons!!!! Very toxic substance, yet to make money on their product they put it in there because it makes things taste good...when if they only went back to the basics...to nature and made a similar smoothie to what i make every morning they would get way way more benefit and true health and long term happiness. Well since i'm on a rant i might as well yell about another one that makes me yell...Did you see the new ad for KFC? They are all about making pink buckets to help with cancer research!! Can you believe that!! A company that is a huge reason for cancer is trying to make money off saying they are trying to help cancer...HEY I GOT AN IDEA, WANT TO HELP FIGHT CANCER, CLOSE YOUR DOORS AND YOU'D HELP PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD REDUCE THEIR RISK OF GETTING CANCER! GET THOSE KFC EATERS TO SEE THE LIGHT OF GOING PLANT BASED!!!    DANG!!!!
Okay, haha, i'm cool now:) haha
Workout: did some great bodyweight training today, gonna be traveling alot over the next 2 days so wanted to do some more strength work today on legs and then some balance stuff -
1) stair pistols and 3 step step ups...all the way down the 17 steps alternating pistols was great! Added a 16lb weight vest and it worked great!
2) 1 leg Jungle Gym curls for 8s
alternated the two and did 4 sets of each
then did flagpole holds for 15 seconds each side >>
power wheel full roll outs + 16lb vest x 16 reps >>
back dome holds x 45 seconds and then 60 seconds
alternated these 3 for two times thru
then did planche high/low holds for 20 seconds each one...did this from parallel boxes, both high holds and low (under parallel to floor) really worked me hard.
alternated the planches with levers both high and low...held each for 20 counts again, did the high holds on a bar with my body inverted and straight, then went to boxes and did either a low hold lever (under parallel) or a L seat hold for 20 counts again
felt really great after the workout 3.6*'s:)
for lunch i had baby spinach, blueberries, mangos, dates and some hemp seeds...pretty good but dang i dont like running out of my bananas!!!:) haha
for dinner had some mexican for the first time in about 3-4 months! it was cool and felt alright with it:) rice, beans, fajita guts = good tasty food:) haha got to throw in some tortillas and guac too:)
then added 2 sweet potatoes and it was a good dinner!
feeling good man, feeling good:)


  1. Great rant Jon! Keep 'em coming my friend.


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