Traveling to Tennessee:)

Whew, long day, traveling if you can believe it by air and although it was a fun trip:) it took 10 hours to get here:) Oh well, had great company (jessica:) and we got alot of work done and we always have fun traveling. One thing i thought about on the way here was this guy who we met in LA, this guy was super yoked...Yoke means built like bo jackson for those who dont know:) anyways we were training one sunny day at the santa monica rings area on the beach and we see this guy climb up and down the 20 foot rope...he didnt just climb it either, he did super long reach and grabs and had his legs in the L position too. So he does 1 time to the top & down, then chills, then repeats it about 3 minutes later. So i dont think too much, i just keep doing my pole climbs and handstands and stuff, then about 15 and 30 minutes later i look over and he's still doing the sets of i'm thinking DANG, how many sets is he doing?:) So i go ask him...he did 25 sets! So made me think a bit on it, is this all he did? Can you get yoked doing this? when i was in college i saw a similar thing happen with another freakishly strong dude...just did 1 exercise a day...1 super heavy set and that was it....i mean he was a freak in strength! Over my 30+ years as a strength coach i've seen quite alot of things that work and dont work, but i always say, the proof is in the pudding...two guys, two yoked people at that, simple workouts....mmmm. For sure it makes you think:) I love our workouts this month, after each one i have felt great! done in 20 minutes or less, feel strong, healthy, amazing! that is the goal right:) But when i think of examples like this it sure makes me want to give it a go huh:)
So maybe i will in June:) we will might look like this:
Jon's One & Done workouts 
  1. monday rope climbs x 20'
  2. tuesday Power Jumper rim jumps (1 60lb band)
  3. wednesday HSPU's
  4. thursday Power Jumper broad jumps (1 60lb band)
  5. friday Power Wheel rollouts with knees on a 12" box (this makes it super hard CORE!!:)
  6. saturday 2lb Jump Rope doubles
  7. sunday rest and the next week up it 1 set each or 1" each jump or 1 rep each set:) and keep this up for a month or two and see how it goes?
Who's up to join me?? :) haha
Today i just ate good clean food...about 3,600 cals...about 80/10/10 again and feel pretty darn good... But got to go to sleep now...big day of teaching / lecturing all day tomorrow then flying back home again:) BUT I LOVE IT:) HAHAHAHA
tell me who wants to join me okay!!


  1. Whoa! Sounds like fun? I love the simplicity of it.

  2. Absolutely LOVING this blog! Thanks Jon! Keep 'em coming!

  3. glad to hear it guys:) if you guys ever have any questions on how to MBG3 feel free to ask okay:)
    your friend,

  4. Okay, here goes. I often feel spacey when I go full vegan and avoid grains (rice, sprouted grain bread, etc.). I feel lightheaded before I really feel hungry. Maybe a calories issue? Not sure how I know I'm eating enough. Most of the calorie trackers seem to grossly underestimate the demands of short, intense efforts. Any advice would be welcomed.

    Oh, and I'm investing in banana futures. :)


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