the SUN is out in Mad City:)

wow the sun and the heat have arrived!! 90 degrees over the weekend and i was outside alot:) we've been really busy getting ready for a bunch of seminars/lectures:
MBG Lodi june 1st
Rebuilding Warriors - in NYC june 10th and 12th
Chicago perform better lecture june 25th
MBG Moorpark, CA  - Running, Jumping and Handstands seminar July 15th (tentative date)
OR Brazil Lecture on our MBG training, restoration and nutrition (we'll see soon which one it is:)haha can give you that info soon if you live out west...if not on the 15th, then it will be soon after:)
Minneapolis, MN - 2 day MBG seminar end of july
MBG Madison - Intensive August 5th - 10th (the last one in april was off the hook and august is gonna be amazing too!! so i want to see you there!!:)
CanFit - Toronto Canaday August 11-14th showing some of our newest Lifeline USA training tools!!
it is funny we're so busy this summer as summers are usually a time you dont do many seminars.
it is very busy but we're digging it for sure:)
over the weekend as i mentioned it was hot and i went crazy being outside:)
actually played golf for the third time in the last 30 years:) hahaha
it was actually really great! actually got par on 2 holes:)
then played bball for almost 3 hours straight and it was a blast, talking tons of trash and having a great time balling with all my friends!
my workouts since have been a little light for sure since i lost a ton of water and for sure got did some real nice work up workouts yesterday and today and felt great!!
monday workout did sets of 7 HSPU's and 7 L seat chin ups chest to bar and these two felt great!
then did some more with 36k's for back presses (alt.s) and renegade rows x 40k's for 3 sets of 10s each.
today still took it lighter so just did some foot up lunge work ups to sets of 5s with the 36s real strict.
then finished with my favorite power wheel rollouts to this is a dope exercise:) love it:)
still eating like a champ, today i blended a whole watermelon and it was great! super tasty after workout recovery drink!!
BIG NOTE: last week lifeline USA my dads business and the company he and i have developed almost 100% of the products for just launched my dads newest invention, the PUR (pull up revolution) and in order to give it some hard core facts they had an independent researcher do a study over 60 days. The RESULTS: all improved by 70%!!!! Some from 0 chins to multiple chins, some from 9 to barely touching their chin to 10 touching their chest!! This is really an amazing improvement!
The PUR PROGRAM: I got to write the program for them to follow so i had them do a GTG chin up program (GTG - greasing the groove). So they did 75% of their max for 2 sets daily using the PUR.
If they did 0 chins, then they tested with 3 bands of the PUR for max reps.
If they did 1+ chins, then they tested with 2 bands of the PUR for max reps.
Whatever they did with the PUR for their test then they did daily in the AM and PM.
E.G. if they hit 12 max reps with the PUR, then they would do 9 reps for each set, adding 1 rep to each set every two weeks. The results were beyond my expectations!
hope you all are doing great, the PUR will be on our site within days so check it out my friends!!


  1. You're a busy man Jon! I am a little bummed that the EY seminar in Moorpark no longer seems to be on the calendar but I'll be there for the running, jumping handstand one for sure. :) No Brazil. It's terrible there. :) The PUR looks awesome!

  2. PS- Watermelon is an awesome recovery food. Love it!

  3. still trying to get the Moorpark EY seminar going so keep lookout:) i want to do it before august for sure:)
    and yes, watermelon is the best!!
    well coco juice is badass too:) haha


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