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Started my morning off as usual with my tea...bengal spice:) i make a gallon at a time and love to have a big cup to get my water in...then clean up after my cats and listen to some good audiobooks. the one i'm diggin' right now is ester and jerry hicks books...very very cool stuff on the Laws of Attraction and the power of emotions.
My morning smoothie:
3 bananas sliced up into a bowl, then blend up 7 (3 frozen & 4 regular) bananas with 14 hawela dates (from batista family organic date farm!!) and 1 scoop of pure cocoa til smooth, then
pour the blend over the sliced bananas. This is about 1,300 cals and a great start to my day!!:)
Go Work:)
Go to local cafe, drink lots of herbal tea and water, work for about 3 hours (met with jessica, my accountant and write a bunch:), eat a 16oz box of strawberries...then to the MBG!:)
Go Train:) (includes Eischens Yoga Restoration)
teaching the noon class today and gonna do the Eischens Yoga warrior sequence again. did it yesterday before my own 20 minute heavy JR workout and it was an awesome warm up...felt great!! So thought i'm going to do the Warrior Sequence daily for the rest of the month instead of doing the beginner sequence...i know we're all gonna dig it!! Yes Man!!
My training:)
Yesterday(5.6.10) did 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off JR (2lb black one) amap reps each minute for 20 minutes...averaged about 170 reps a set, then immediately did 30 full Power Wheel rollouts, rest 60 sec, then Power Wheel crawled 50 yards in 60 seconds and done! felt great! A 3.75* workout!!
Today:) 5.7.10
Did todays workout: Prison 10/8/6/4/2 afap
1) press ups: un-assisted, assisted with 60lb Power Jumper x 6,4 / 5,3 / 4,2 / 2,2 / 2
2) chin ups: touched forehead on beam above bar x 9,1 / 7,1 / 5,1 / 4 / 2
total time: 11:50
rest 5 minutes
3) Broad Jumps: with 120lb Power Jumper x 23 yards / 18 yards / 14 yards / 9 yards / 4.5 yards
4) 30" lateral box jumps: with 120lb Power Jumper x 10 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2
total time: 7:35
rest 5 minutes
5) Power Wheel rollouts to chest: 20/15/10 in 2:45
6) 24k kettlebell levers kb to shins: 20/15/10 in 2:35
total time 5:20
TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 24:45, 3.8 Stars, felt great after this workout!!!

After workout smoothie: 4 oranges + 8 bananas (3 frozen) = super tasty shake!!:)

: 2 - spinach, roasted corn, pinto beans, bell peppers and onions in sprouted tortillas, plus 2 sweet potatoes

My totals for the day: Carbs/Protein/Fat - 960g/100.1g/29.1g (85%/9%/6%)
Just so you all know i keep track of my cals to make sure i'm eating enough, this is important as alot of people who eat only fruits, veggies and some raw nuts and seeds and are athletes tend to under eat sometimes, so using the App "Lose It" helps me keep track. Also like to do this to show people you can eat 100% plant based, have tremendous energy, health, strength & conditioning!!
Felt great today!!!


  1. Good stuff Jon! I'm gonna try those wraps this week.

  2. you'll like them alot, they're super good:) some hummus makes them even better:)


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