Saturday EY Warrior & Some JR

Morning meal: Herbal Tea, then my morning smoothie, went for the 6 banana + 12 hawely dates + cocoa one again... man that is super super good poured it over 4 very rip bananas...tasted like chocalate pudding on bananas:)....THE BOMB:) haha
Work & Snack: Went and worked for 3 hours and then had 4 navel oranges...sweet!
Todays Workout: just wanted to do my Eischens Yoga Warrior sequence again, did it for 2 minutes each pose and it felt great after i finished...during it was definitely challenging:) Alot of leg shaking:) haha It was a good 50 minutes of Eischens Yoga. I am on day 3 of doing the Warrior Sequence everyday for 30 days (at least). After doing the sequence did 10 minutes of jump rope pretty easy with the my 2 pound Lifeline Jump Rope...did most of it backwards. A good sweat, nice and easy workout today, 3.6*:)
side note: always drink coconut water when i'm working out...gatorade cant touch it:)!!!
After workout meal: 10 bananas + 5 cups baby spinach smoothie (green and lean baby:)
Night time meal: Big salad + beets + carrots + corn + pinto beans + peas + covered with some natural tomato sauce:) and then some sweet potatoes!!
Going to see IRONMAN 2 tonight and will probably eat some popcorn too:) haha
totals for the day: C/P/F - 963g / 83.1g / 29g (87%/7%/6%) for a total of 4,100 cals today
Overall a great day:) felt great energy, peaceful:)


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