Monday, whew mentally tough day:)

Today was one of those days that is just challenging:) So instead of crushing myself i just chilled and when it came time to train i did a simple workout and it felt great!
Meals 1: 10 bananas + 12 dates smoothie
snack: 4 navel oranges
Meal 2: 8 bananas + 12 dates smoothie again:) yeah i know, well its super good!!:)
Meal 3:  big salad, with sprouts, dulse flakes, tomatos...then had beans and greens after that:) good! Then had 2 sweet potatoes for dessert!!

2/1/0 x 8 Two foot jumps to rim using R6 Power Jumper...this went really good since i hadnt been doing alot of jump training lately. With 2 bands hit about 9'7" for all 8, for 1 band hit 10'1" for 6, for 0 bands got up to about 10'4" which is good for today:)
R7/R5/0 x 8 One foot jumps to rim using C-bands...this went great too. With R7 hit about 9'8" for 8 jumps, with R5 hit 10' on about half of the 8 jumps, with 0 hit 10'6" as my best jump off one foot.
Very happy about this.
After that did very lightly assisted HSPUs alternated & chin ups to chest for 12, 11 & 16, 15.
Then moved on to 80lb PPU3 & box body rows for 12, 10 & 10, 10
Then moved on to 36k's back presses and bent over rows for 2 sets of 12s for each.
Nice easy workout, felt good when i finished.
I like to point out the importance of listening to your body, this is something i use to never do and i often found myself feeling worse after those workouts than better....LISTEN...if your body, not your mind now is just not feeling it, then it's cool to occasionally do a light workout:)  heck it's good to do 1 time a week anyways...let the body recover a bit, that is when we get strong anyways:)
That is it for today folks, hope you all had a good day:)


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