MBG Detroit is gonna be awesome!!!

Just got back from visiting MBG Detroit and they are almost 100% set to be and awesome location!
for the 3rd week in a row alot of traveling but without question this was a great trip!
Pawel and Lisa were great hosts and they have an amazing place for sure. So we were really happy to go and see it and sit down and talk MBG 3 with them.
They're 110% on board and very excited :)
Jess and I decided to road trip it so it was 8 hours each way...ended up being quite a nice drive too:)
We always have alot of fun traveling:)
I want to ask you some questions okay...
  • MBG TRAINING - what goals do you have pertaining to your training? jump higher? run faster? push/press more? etc? Did you know i've trained full body skill training almost my whole life?:) Did you know my dad and i invented almost 100% of the products in our MBG store:)?
  • RESTORATION - what goals you have in terms of Eischens Yoga, healing of aches and pains? low back? knees? etc? Did you know EY saved my athletic life?
  • NUTRITION - what kind of goals in terms of your Plant Based nutrition? Nutrient Rich Nutrition? Vegan? 80/10/10? more energy? feel cleaner? recover quicker? clearer skin? etc? Did you know i became a vegan to help global warming/heal my hands and become healthier?
  • ENVIRONMENTALISM - what do you do in terms of being more conscious of our environment? how can you lower your carbon footprint? how can you make a huge impact on our planet today? Did you know i gave my car away almost 4 years ago:)?
I really want to hear your questions and thoughts:) post them on our MBG Facebook or our MBG comments section or on my blog here okay:)
your friend,


  1. •MBG Training- Lean and mean. I want to be functionally strong but not so big that my whippet-like friends leave me in their dust on the trails.

    •Restoration- No pain now and I'd like to keep it that way. I want to be able to play hard and not suffer for days afterwards.

    •Nutrition- Nutrient rich heading towards vegan. I struggle a bit to go all the way here, especially as an endurance athlete. Lots of examples of people who are doing it but I get spacey pretty quick when I avoid grains and protein (fish, etc.) Also, time and compatibility with my family's eating habits is an issue here.

    •Environmentalism- Let's see, I drive a hybrid and bike commute to work as well (20 miles r/t), compost, recycle, grow backyard organic veggies, don't drink bottled water, avoid excess packaging, donate time/money/ services to enviro. causes, use non-chemical cleaners, soap, shampoo...

  2. MBG Training- In general I want to increase my overall athleticism and overall strength. My specific goals I have set for myself include 100 Push ups in a row, 50 Chin ups in a row, run a mile in under 6 minutes, do one unassisted HSPU, and to dunk a basketball. A 5 lbs increase in lean body mass would be nice as well.

    Restoration- have had some SI pain in the past and had rotator cuff surgery last July after diving for a ball in a softball game. Using the EY routine provided in the MBG videos to prevent any future SI pain. Also using EY to help with my posture which used to be a problem for me.

    Nutrition- I would say my wife and I follow a diet that is 80% plant based. Tons of organic fruit and vegetables every day. Almost everything in our house is either organic or locally produced. We make our own whole wheat bread and our own peanut butter. I still like my greek yogurt and scrambled eggs. But the eggs at least are from a friend who raises hormone free chickens in his backyard and lets them roam and eat freely. Frequent family functions tend to provide a challenge to our eating habits as well.

    Environmentalism- My wife and I just sold my truck and we are down to one car which is a hybrid (Honda Insight). I am actually quite proud of how well our family stays on top of the recycling. We use a Britta filter for our water and natural cleaning products for our home.

  3. awesome you guys, just awesome!!
    BRAD - you are walking the walk my friend! what we really try to get people to do is eat a minimum of 80+ percent plant based and you are easily doing that, your training and restoration is doing what you want too...and without question you do your best to promote a good thing:) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MY FRIEND!!
    JAMES - WOW, very specific and challenging goals!:) the push ups will come for sure, the chin ups...wow, 50 in a row is bad ass!!:) the dunking...are you touching the rim now? if so the power jumper program will get you there i promise!
    on your restoration YES, keep following the beginner sequence on the Eischens Yoga DVD...30 days in a row and you'll feel like a new man:)
    your nutrition sounds great too! You and Brad are both doing great there for sure!!
    on the environmentalism i am super happy to see how great you both are doing!
    got to think alot of the MBG people are very conscious people.
    What idea do you guys think would help to spread our message of MBG3 and being green even more??
    really really appreciate your great feedback guys!! and keep up the great work for sure!! You guys are AWESOME!!

  4. Thanks Jon. :) As for spreading the word, I think you can get the MBG3 message out on your website (like front page stuff), facebook, etc. Organize your communication around that central idea. It's easy to understand and remember. Until you started mentioning it online recently, I had no idea what it was. The concept really has no presence in your current media. Maybe put together an PDF that explains it all and can be emailed or downloaded, shared, etc. I could see a micro-site (or pages within your current site) devoted to MBG3 complete with resources, recipes a feed from your blog, etc.

    Just some initial thoughts. :) Keep it coming.

  5. actually brad it is done already, putting it up on our site very soon but it's already a pdf and sent out to all MBG licensees:) so in the process of getting that message out there:) thanks my friend, we're working on it:) talk soon!

  6. Awesome, can't wait to see it! :)


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