A great saturday:)

today was awesome:) slept bit over 9 hours again!! man that feels great.
meal 1: 1lb of strawberries + 5 navel oranges for smoothie
snack: 1/2 cabbage + 3 bananas smoothie drink
10 min JR,
then 2/1/0 x 6 jumps + 120/60/0 Power Jumper to rim jumps, improved up to 10'5.5"
then C-band R7/R5/0 x 6 jumps to rim jumps - improved final jump up to 10'6.5"
then wanted to do some simple moderately heavy work so did some
28k's dead cleans for 10 sets of 10 reps...really strict, they felt great.
Finished in 17:00 flat:) good workout!
then did 5 sets of 10 power wheel rollouts off a 12" box...like this one alot!
then did 5 sets of 10 16k's kb levers
all around a really great workout:) 3.6*'s
after workout smoothie: 10 bananas + 12 dates + pure carob powder
last night i road out to the west side of madison to our borders book store and got a pretty
good book, the lost city of z...i read this alot this afternoon, love reading to relax and sit
with my cats, they love it too i think as they lay next to me and just chill:)
after reading for a few hours i met my folks at a costa rican restaurant here in downtown madison.
madison for its size has amazing amounts of variety of foods...it's really pretty cool:)
this one is owned my my friend tony and he can throw down...made us 3 vegan specials. YES,
my folks are now almost 100% plant based and they are feeling great! For years they resisted
my help but recently they've begun to implement various parts of eating plant based and they
really are feeling amazing:) Seeing them eat this way and begin to learn how to eat healthier
makes me so happy:) You can see in their skin and eyes the vibrant health they both have...they look
truly amazing:) So tony hooked us UP!!! If your ever in Madison you got to stop by his joint! he makes his own sauces and they are simply the best around and he did not dissapoint tonight.
Dinner: tons of great veggies, brocolli, asparagus, tomatoes, small salad, some yellow rice and tofu covered in his special green sauce...my mom even said it is so good you want to keep eating even when you're full:)
After dinner went to see the new robin hood movie with my friends from BJJ...it was really good! enjoyed it alot...i give it a 3 stars:) out of 4.
Going to Detroit tomorrow so some more travel, eating and workouts:) This will be fun, since we're driving i'm bringing a case of bananas!!!:)
"Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions" - robin hood


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