Good Friday food and training:)

Wow it felt good to be back home and training, teaching, sleeping:) and eating good food:)
Slept super hard last night, the 20 hours of traveling over the last two day was crazy:)
Either way it felt great to sleep about 9 hours:) then have my tea and then my favorite
meal 1: 10 banana and 10 dates smoothie:)
snack: 4 oranges
lunch: big salad, beets, corn, some tofu and more veggies
then had a great simple training session, thought about doing todays "Gauntlet" but the travel just
jacked me up too much to do a hard core workout, so i did a simple strength workout that felt awesome.
10 sets of 5 of HSPU's
10 sets of 5 of strict bar to chest chin ups
did alternating sets til i was done...felt really good! just what i wanted from todays workout.
after workout smoothie: 10 bananas, carob, 12 dates = great!!
then went for a bike ride:) had some energy i guess and i went to get some groceries...ended up riding for about 90 minutes.
ended by having some popcorn and chillin at home...just in case you like to make popcorn yourselves i highly recommend making it this way...use flax oil and sea salt:) the flax tastes like butter with a slightly woody taste!!
good day:)


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