Flying back home today:) Day two no training, but good eatin' haha

What day is it? Crazy how you can get turned around when you travel alot:)
Today was teaching two groups of about 20 people each the ways of the MBG3:)
it was fun and they dug it and we dug teaching it:) haha
It's so cool to do something you love and be lucky enough to do it for a living:)
As soon as we get back later tonight we'll be leaving again for Detroit on Saturday to go visit one of
of MBG Licensees....MBG Detroit!!
This is an added perk we are doing with all our MBG Licensees, we are going and visiting each one and helping them out with exercise technique, teaching the MBG workouts in their classes, helping with everything from program design for privates to refining Eischens Yoga technique to eating Plant Based.... basically MBG3:)
So after they take our intensive, they can get licensed and then we work to keep the MBG education on changing the fitness world going strong and so far everybody loves it:)
It's alot of traveling and hard work but we feel in the long run we'll have extremely high level MBG licensees all across the country and overseas:) and in order to do what we want...a truly healthy fitness world:) this is just something we want to do:)
Eating: Very unusual day for me eating...NO BANANA SMOOTHIE!!! AAAAGGGHHH:) haha
if you can believe it today we ate at cracker barrel and pf changs!!
Meal 1: oatmeal, pecans, brown sugar, raisins, then a big bran muffin and a banana...had to have it:) reverting back to my old ways of oatmeal for breakfast but it's cool, it's tasty and i feel alright:)
Meal 2: spinach, brocolli, brown rice, tofu and some green sobe o man those sobe noodles are super good!! So again, not my fruit smoothie, but again dont feel too bad...but do notice a bit of a full belly feeling...i know what this is far today it's alot of fat from oils in the diet, so far already more than the whole days fat i usually consume...that is cool, my big thing is to not freak out, enjoy my food and friends and try to maintain a minimum of 80/10/10 most of the time over the week. This way i dont stress and when i travel alot and dont eat or train in my usual manner it can be a bit stressful, so i dont like to worry over it too much.
Meal 3: this will be back home and hopefully it will be home in time to watch lebron and company beat the celtics:) Got a fresh case of bananas waiting for me at home just boxed up and browning so when i return they'll be nice and ripe...just in case you did not know the rule of thumb for eating a banana is make sure it's brown big time...not black, but lots of brown spots on it...then you know it's ripe and ready nutrient wise to eat. eating a banana before it's brown means it has not reached it wait and enjoy it even more. Same is true but even more for is the ripe color you want here...on the morning trip here i ate some that were black but not completely and they definitely tasted more starchy, so wait til all black on the plantains:)
got to get on the plane now so talk soon my friends!!:)
We arrive in chicago from knoxville at 6:04 our connecting flight leaves chicago at 6:10!
Exact opposite end of o'hare field...about 3/4 of a mile i guess...jess and i looked at each other
and took off at a full run with about 25lb packs was awesome, dodging crowds the whole way, constant 7 min mile pace:) it was crazy...we made it right as they were about to close the doors!!
It was really awesome:) whew we were both breathing super hard but there was no way we would of made it unless we were in MBG way, running hard, constantly dodging folks, cutting thru traffic, carrying heavy packs:) It was a total surprise hard run...GREAT!!:)
Meal 3 continued: made some brocolli, beans, corn and two all natural veggie patties, put a little tomatos on it and it was a great meal to end the day:)
ended up eating about 77/11/12 today and really look forward to working out hard tomorrow!!!:)
Yeah, the Cavs lost, Celtics looked great, Cavs looked :( not so great! Now begins the wait to see what Lebron will do:) Should be fun:)
Whew, what a day:)
Talk with y'all tomorrow!!



  1. I have a problem: I don't like bananas. I've tried them before and really want to like them b/c of the nutritional value, but I just can't develop the taste for them. Is there something I can do to learn to like them? Or if not, do you recommend a substitute for them? Thanks.


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