052010 Thursday train, eat, read, think:)

Today besides working alot this morning i had a pretty good workout with a new intern at my mbg.
Stephan and i ran 6 sets each of over speed work and 6 sets each of resisted speed work...a drill called "tote running" which i've really loved to do for years. use a C-band around one guys waist and yours, he runs infront of you, you jog behind making him run harder...then after about 30 yards you let the stretched cable slingshot you up to and maybe even past your partner and you both sort of race the last 20-30 yards. then switch and repeat for 6-8 sets each. this is one of my favorite drills to improve speed, perfect for athletes to do because it hits both elements you need to improve...a slight assisted run to increase RPM's and a slight resistance to improve power while sprinting.
my old friend steve williams told me this was the drill he use to do when he held the world record in the 100 meters...he ran 9.9 seven times!!!
it was a great workout, the weather was great today and stephan is a athlete so the run was great too:)
but we werent done yet! we went back in the MBG and made up a nice conditioning workout:
push the boxes on the carpet 60 yards in 30 seconds or less
rest 15 seconds
jump rope with 2 lb rope x 75 reps in 30 seconds or less
rest 15 seconds
fast hands with battling ropes for amap reps in 30 seconds
rest 15 seconds
repeat for 8 rounds!
very good sweat and got the HR up high for the whole thing too:)
3.5 * workout!
had my bananas and dates
had bananas and 6 cups of baby spinach after my workout
gonna have a huge salad with lots of good stuff on top tonight
feeling good, feeling strong!!
check out my boy steve williams (heres another article on him)  though it's pretty cool seeing how the 100m has progress! Bolt is off the hook!!:)


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