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the SUN is out in Mad City:)

wow the sun and the heat have arrived!! 90 degrees over the weekend and i was outside alot:) we've been really busy getting ready for a bunch of seminars/lectures:
MBG Lodi june 1st
Rebuilding Warriors - in NYC june 10th and 12th
Chicago perform better lecture june 25th
MBG Moorpark, CA  - Running, Jumping and Handstands seminar July 15th (tentative date)
OR Brazil Lecture on our MBG training, restoration and nutrition (we'll see soon which one it is:)haha can give you that info soon if you live out west...if not on the 15th, then it will be soon after:)
Minneapolis, MN - 2 day MBG seminar end of july
MBG Madison - Intensive August 5th - 10th (the last one in april was off the hook and august is gonna be amazing too!! so i want to see you there!!:)
CanFit - Toronto Canaday August 11-14th showing some of our newest Lifeline USA training tools!!
it is funny we're so busy this summer as summers are usually a time you dont do many seminars.
it is very busy but we'…

052010 Thursday train, eat, read, think:)

Today besides working alot this morning i had a pretty good workout with a new intern at my mbg.
Stephan and i ran 6 sets each of over speed work and 6 sets each of resisted speed work...a drill called "tote running" which i've really loved to do for years. use a C-band around one guys waist and yours, he runs infront of you, you jog behind making him run harder...then after about 30 yards you let the stretched cable slingshot you up to and maybe even past your partner and you both sort of race the last 20-30 yards. then switch and repeat for 6-8 sets each. this is one of my favorite drills to improve speed, perfect for athletes to do because it hits both elements you need to improve...a slight assisted run to increase RPM's and a slight resistance to improve power while sprinting.
my old friend steve williams told me this was the drill he use to do when he held the world record in the 100 meters...he ran 9.9 seven times!!!
it was a great workout, the weather was gre…

Tuesday, 5.18.10 and back at it!!

Felt good to be back home again:) As much as i love traveling and teaching it can for sure make keeping tight with your workouts a challenge:)
Morning WHATTTT? no electricity this am!!! No smoothie!! AHHHGGG:) haha
wow i missed my smoothie this morning, oh well, still ate great, 5 oranges and 15 dates:) great:)
that really kept me going good til after my workout,
Workout: did a simple one i did last week after 20 hours of travel...a simple strength workout:
1) HSPU's x 10 sets of 6 = 60 total reps
2) Chin ups to chest to bar x 10 sets of 6 = 60 reps
3.7*'s!! for how i felt beforehand which was a bit tired this was again a great workout!
really felt strong towards the end of this workout and felt strong leaving the gym too...THAT is very leave feeling strong and healthy and that i did for sure:)
POST WORKOUT:) made my favorite 11 banana + 12 dates + carob mock ice cream poured on bananas:)  a 1,400 cal smoothie which felt great!! my body is getting more and more us…

MBG Detroit is gonna be awesome!!!

Just got back from visiting MBG Detroit and they are almost 100% set to be and awesome location!
for the 3rd week in a row alot of traveling but without question this was a great trip!
Pawel and Lisa were great hosts and they have an amazing place for sure. So we were really happy to go and see it and sit down and talk MBG 3 with them.
They're 110% on board and very excited :)
Jess and I decided to road trip it so it was 8 hours each way...ended up being quite a nice drive too:)
We always have alot of fun traveling:)
I want to ask you some questions okay...
MBG TRAINING - what goals do you have pertaining to your training? jump higher? run faster? push/press more? etc? Did you know i've trained full body skill training almost my whole life?:) Did you know my dad and i invented almost 100% of the products in our MBG store:)? RESTORATION - what goals you have in terms of Eischens Yoga, healing of aches and pains? low back? knees? etc? Did you know EY saved my athletic life?NUTRIT…

A great saturday:)

today was awesome:) slept bit over 9 hours again!! man that feels great.
meal 1: 1lb of strawberries + 5 navel oranges for smoothie
snack: 1/2 cabbage + 3 bananas smoothie drink
10 min JR,
then 2/1/0 x 6 jumps + 120/60/0 Power Jumper to rim jumps, improved up to 10'5.5"
then C-band R7/R5/0 x 6 jumps to rim jumps - improved final jump up to 10'6.5"
then wanted to do some simple moderately heavy work so did some
28k's dead cleans for 10 sets of 10 reps...really strict, they felt great.
Finished in 17:00 flat:) good workout!
then did 5 sets of 10 power wheel rollouts off a 12" this one alot!
then did 5 sets of 10 16k's kb levers
all around a really great workout:) 3.6*'s
after workout smoothie: 10 bananas + 12 dates + pure carob powder
last night i road out to the west side of madison to our borders book store and got a pretty
good book, the lost city of z...i read this alot this afternoon, love reading to relax and sit
with my cats, t…

Good Friday food and training:)

Wow it felt good to be back home and training, teaching, sleeping:) and eating good food:)
Slept super hard last night, the 20 hours of traveling over the last two day was crazy:)
Either way it felt great to sleep about 9 hours:) then have my tea and then my favorite
meal 1: 10 banana and 10 dates smoothie:)
snack: 4 oranges
lunch: big salad, beets, corn, some tofu and more veggies
then had a great simple training session, thought about doing todays "Gauntlet" but the travel just
jacked me up too much to do a hard core workout, so i did a simple strength workout that felt awesome.
10 sets of 5 of HSPU's
10 sets of 5 of strict bar to chest chin ups
did alternating sets til i was done...felt really good! just what i wanted from todays workout.
after workout smoothie: 10 bananas, carob, 12 dates = great!!
then went for a bike ride:) had some energy i guess and i went to get some groceries...ended up riding for about 90 minutes.
ended by having some popcorn and chillin …

Flying back home today:) Day two no training, but good eatin' haha

What day is it? Crazy how you can get turned around when you travel alot:)
Today was teaching two groups of about 20 people each the ways of the MBG3:)
it was fun and they dug it and we dug teaching it:) haha
It's so cool to do something you love and be lucky enough to do it for a living:)
As soon as we get back later tonight we'll be leaving again for Detroit on Saturday to go visit one of
of MBG Licensees....MBG Detroit!!
This is an added perk we are doing with all our MBG Licensees, we are going and visiting each one and helping them out with exercise technique, teaching the MBG workouts in their classes, helping with everything from program design for privates to refining Eischens Yoga technique to eating Plant Based.... basically MBG3:)
So after they take our intensive, they can get licensed and then we work to keep the MBG education on changing the fitness world going strong and so far everybody loves it:)
It's alot of traveling and hard work but we feel in the long …

Traveling to Tennessee:)

Whew, long day, traveling if you can believe it by air and although it was a fun trip:) it took 10 hours to get here:) Oh well, had great company (jessica:) and we got alot of work done and we always have fun traveling. One thing i thought about on the way here was this guy who we met in LA, this guy was super yoked...Yoke means built like bo jackson for those who dont know:) anyways we were training one sunny day at the santa monica rings area on the beach and we see this guy climb up and down the 20 foot rope...he didnt just climb it either, he did super long reach and grabs and had his legs in the L position too. So he does 1 time to the top & down, then chills, then repeats it about 3 minutes later. So i dont think too much, i just keep doing my pole climbs and handstands and stuff, then about 15 and 30 minutes later i look over and he's still doing the sets of i'm thinking DANG, how many sets is he doing?:) So i go ask him...he did 25 sets! So made me think a …

Tuesday, 5.11.10

Today it is still cold and rainy here in madison...slept in today:) haha and it was awesome:)
Just chillin'!
Started my day with my usual Tea, then banana/date smoothie poured all over a bunch more sliced bananas...but today i replaced them with red bananas and plantain and it was awesome!!
I know i've said it before but DANG!!! This is so good, cant believe it's not ice cream. Then a funny thing happened, i go to a local cafe to work and ge this e-mail from kim lyons of the biggest loser, she is promoting this high protein ice cream, they show all these pics of people losing fat, getting lean, saying it's so tasty and so good for you too. So i investigate, it's ingredients are whey protein, then a bunch of ingredients i could not pronounce and then the sucralose...basically a poison. It is crazy the crap people
sell as healthy, this is exactly why i opened my MBG, this is exactly why i got sick of the bull that the fitness world is pushing on people...crap!! They a…

Monday, whew mentally tough day:)

Today was one of those days that is just challenging:) So instead of crushing myself i just chilled and when it came time to train i did a simple workout and it felt great!
Meals 1: 10 bananas + 12 dates smoothie
snack: 4 navel oranges
Meal 2: 8 bananas + 12 dates smoothie again:) yeah i know, well its super good!!:)
Meal 3:  big salad, with sprouts, dulse flakes, tomatos...then had beans and greens after that:) good! Then had 2 sweet potatoes for dessert!!

2/1/0 x 8 Two foot jumps to rim using R6 Power Jumper...this went really good since i hadnt been doing alot of jump training lately. With 2 bands hit about 9'7" for all 8, for 1 band hit 10'1" for 6, for 0 bands got up to about 10'4" which is good for today:)
R7/R5/0 x 8 One foot jumps to rim using C-bands...this went great too. With R7 hit about 9'8" for 8 jumps, with R5 hit 10' on about half of the 8 jumps, with 0 hit 10'6" as my best jump off one foot.
Very happy about this.

Saturday EY Warrior & Some JR

Morning meal: Herbal Tea, then my morning smoothie, went for the 6 banana + 12 hawely dates + cocoa one again... man that is super super good poured it over 4 very rip bananas...tasted like chocalate pudding on bananas:)....THE BOMB:) haha
Work & Snack: Went and worked for 3 hours and then had 4 navel oranges...sweet!
Todays Workout: just wanted to do my Eischens Yoga Warrior sequence again, did it for 2 minutes each pose and it felt great after i finished...during it was definitely challenging:) Alot of leg shaking:) haha It was a good 50 minutes of Eischens Yoga. I am on day 3 of doing the Warrior Sequence everyday for 30 days (at least). After doing the sequence did 10 minutes of jump rope pretty easy with the my 2 pound Lifeline Jump Rope...did most of it backwards. A good sweat, nice and easy workout today, 3.6*:)
side note: always drink coconut water when i'm working out...gatorade cant touch it:)!!!
After workout meal: 10 bananas + 5 cups baby spinach smoothie (green and …

Starting my MBG blog: training, restoration, PB nutrition

Started my morning off as usual with my tea...bengal spice:) i make a gallon at a time and love to have a big cup to get my water in...then clean up after my cats and listen to some good audiobooks. the one i'm diggin' right now is ester and jerry hicks books...very very cool stuff on the Laws of Attraction and the power of emotions.
My morning smoothie:
3 bananas sliced up into a bowl, then blend up 7 (3 frozen & 4 regular) bananas with 14 hawela dates (from batista family organic date farm!!) and 1 scoop of pure cocoa til smooth, then
pour the blend over the sliced bananas. This is about 1,300 cals and a great start to my day!!:)
Go Work:)
Go to local cafe, drink lots of herbal tea and water, work for about 3 hours (met with jessica, my accountant and write a bunch:), eat a 16oz box of strawberries...then to the MBG!:)
Go Train:) (includes Eischens Yoga Restoration)
teaching the noon class today and gonna do the Eischens Yoga warrior sequence again. did it yesterday before my o…