Last Nights MBG TV show - question and answers

Last night Jess and i did a Q&A on our regular thursday night (5pm cst) webinar on MBG-TV and WOW did we have alot of great questions!
Questions on how do i start eating plant based? Educate urself with some great books;
the china study for education, for FACTS...this includes ALL the studies and factstrhive diet by brendan brazier - for ATHLETE NUTRITION & STRESS, and how to do it...this includes meals and plansyour healthy journey - by dr. fred bisci: for ALL, its great, it gives plans to start where ur at.....FINDS YOUR PATH FROM WHERE YOU ARE TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO...excellent, easy read too!!eat for health books 1& 2 - by dr joel furhman; for all, different view on nutrition...not calorie counting but nutrient counting! totally different view.THIS LIST - educates you by giving u the facts, giving you a few plans and simple steps to follow to get in great shape, have better energy, get leaner, stronger and feel....better:) another solid question was from an older man w…

Handstand Walking tutorial - step 2!!

Hey my friends, well it's Step 2 of my Handstand Walking's basic, simple stuff but you know what it works GREAT in getting new folks not only into a handstand, but doing Handstand walking! How well does it work? Well at just one CNT course a few years back we got all 23 students into holding a Handstand within 20 minutes....and that's 23 who had never even tried a handstand before!! Out of that 23, we then got 15 to walk on their hands in the next 5 problem. So simple works just liket we teach at our Certified Natural Training (CNT) courses!!

SO, last week i showed you how to do step 1 in my Handstand Walking tutorial....just simply doing proper lateral handstand walking on the floor. Again, No Experience Necessary!

At the Monkey Bar Gym we do everything in 3 levels:
Stability / Strength / Power.
So for this weeks Handstand Walking Tutorial we'll begin at the 2nd step.....IF you can do the 1st step for 30 yards (15 yards each way with out s…

"Handstand walking Tutorial" step 1

Hey my friends, i've had many people ask me to layout a tutorial on various aspects of training
that we teach at our Certified Natural Training (CNT) how to jump high, run fast, walking on your hands and lots more:
Among my favorite topics to teach and most fun for all in attendance is learning how to walk on your hands.....a "Handstand Walking Tutorial"
Never done them before no worries, practice each step, get ownership of each step and you will get it in no time:
We'll take some time over the next few weeks so you can work on one aspect each week.
At the Monkey Bar Gym we do everything in 3 levels. So for this weeks Handstand Walking Tutorial we'll begin here;
Stability Level - this is for beginners, folks coming off injury, older or any case...for them it's about getting aligned first and then progressing in challenge. In my handstand walking tutorial i like to get beginners use to the transitioning of weight and maintai…

Thoughts on Simple & Strong training and living!

Some thoughts:)
Today the world is all about getting everything now....a microwave culture of wanting immediate results. It has become an impatient place to live, short attention spans, short term results and then constant changes to find the quick what's the truth?
I feel it is the story of the tortoise and the hare. We've all heard it before....they race, the hare takes off and is way ahead, begins to gloat, laugh it up and become distracted...allowing the tortoise to catch him, pass him and win the race.
The moral of the story; is don't rush thru life as you miss out on all the beauty and glory of the slow path, the true path. When i think about taking the slower path v. the faster path, its easy to see why this is especially important today for many rushing thru life we miss out on keep this short i'm going to talk about fitness and health only here:
Slow path                                                  versus                …

Air, Water... and EYES:)

HEY MY FRIENDS!!:) hope ur all doing great! this last week has been cooool...literally:) the water is getting colder everyday now and right now it's down to about 36 - 37 degrees. Our training is coming along great....still making solid improvements each week, our plant strong nutrition is on point and the MBG is doing GREAT!!:) SO we're feeling pretty good! In my blog each week i'll do my best to relay anything new, answer questions anyone poses, share some of my training, nutrition, alignment training as well as other stuff i'm working on....which over the last year has included Vim Hoff breathing and cold water training and then the Bates Method for Eyesight training....SO hope u enjoy it, hope u ask any questions and hope this inspires you to reach higher....cause i believe in you my friends:)

    NOW lets get to this week:) Two things i have really noticed a difference in are my ability to breath better and see better over the last year....thanks to two old tried …

Turning Stress into Strength!!

Hey my friends, owning your own business can be stressful....or doing whatever in LIFE can be stressful as well....overcoming stress AND working to become stronger!! now that is a good challenge! So today i'm going to talk a little bit about how i deal with work stress AND work on getting stronger on a daily basis.
Everything below is going to be a simple point that i will go into more detail down the road:
One - i realize life is what you make it and so i do my best to make mine an enjoyable one.
Two - Everyday i listen to my gut, spirit, and follow it....listening and not forcing is something i think most people eventually begin to do as they grow.
For sure i did not listen when i was younger....the result was a serious crash and burn....overworked, under-rested, over training, under-recovering = crash and burn!
So how do u listen to ur gut or spirit? Tired? Then rest? Anxious? Do what makes u feel relaxed and happy, something natural and something that gives balance back to you.…

It's been a long time!!!:) I'm Back!!!:)

hey my friends, just found out it's been over a year since my last blog post! well i stopped cause
we were so busy with the mbg and getting the business streamlined (which it is now 110%!!!). So
blogging fell to the wayside.
Well i'm happy to say i'm back and i got ALOT TO SAY:)
First off i hope ur all doing great!
I am and looking forward to sharing with u all!
Just wanted to reach out and tell u i'm back but also to put it out there as to
what would u all like to hear from me?
I have always appreciated ur support! and want to continue to help u all as much as i can
moving alot happening that i know u all will really dig!!
So get ready my friends!! Big things a coming!!