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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Training Log 061214

Boobie chillin' like a villian!! We all could learn to listen like he does:)
After a stressful weekend i'm starting to get back into my groove.
Crazy how money and dis-honorable people can throw a wrench into your flow if you let it
Fatique and dis-ease followed suit and it affected how i felt quite a bit fri-sun
SO i went back to the basics, i followed my MBG workouts, ate simple meals
and walked alot to de-stress:)....feeling really good now:
Monday was 60 yards in as few sets as possible;
  • KB row/bear crawls x 44k's - 5 x 12 yards each set
  • PW alligator push ups (6 yards plyos, 6 yards reg pw allig) - 5 x 12 yards each set
AWESOME!! Love this workout:)
did not do leg portion as my legs were tired from squat cleans 5x5x36s on saturday still

Wednesday was the as far as possible in 4 sets (i did 5 sets:) of:
  • *clean & press work up sets (replaced GHD's) - worked up to 10 x 36k's (felt good)
  • ---
  • Rope climb - used legs and did 5 x 3 ascents on 16' rope
  • Handstand 6" box walk ups (put feet on 42" box...hands to floor, then boxes = 1) 5 x 10
  • ---
  • Core Tri-fecta (this is my favorite way to drastically improve all 3 hard arse core exercises
    • Power Wheel crawl - 1 x 60 yards (hard as i hadnt done it in awhile)
    • Power Wheel rollouts to chest - 1 x 30 reps (not bad...hard but good!)
    • Back Dome crawl - 1 x 10 yards with 10 count hold at the end (very good!)
 More on nutrition and restoration next blog:)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back after a leave of blogging!

If i want to feel amazing, i eat this!!:) haha is that a joke question? you think so huh:)
After a long time off my buddy Jeremy Liban reminded me to blog last night:) haha i had been so busy i simply stopped it awhile ago and forgot to start it up again:) ha!
Gonna keep it simple here....lets use this as a place to talk training, ask question as you like, i answer them all....i'll write up my training, some meals and eischens yoga...and basically living i go about it and how you all do as well. IF i can help you just ask, IF i inspire you tell me as that inspires me:)
Well over the last 4-5 years i've honestly had some issues, had gotten lung burn pretty bad, then did it again and again til it was basically .... jon you cant do cardio now....only strength training...thought i'd never get my lungs back.
two friends almost on the same day hooked me up, naturalpath Dr. Chad Oler and Hadley Hodges introduced me to mushrooms and their positive benefits....2-3 weeks not alot...then SUCCESS!! i can run again, actually have begun doing metabolic workouts again at about 60-80% intensity without side affects!! that's pretty big for me as jogging a block before put my hands on my knees...lame:) haha
Eischens Yoga - feeling good, doing a strong sequence 3 x week, giving a full back dome...great!
Training - haha have run (no sprints yet) 2-3 miles a day over the last 4-5 days out of the week! mixed em in with some workouts and feeling very good!
5.21.14 did the following
4 x thru AFAP
440 yard run > 10 x 24k's MP > 10 x 24s PP > 10 strict pullups > 10 kips
time was 26:54 pretty good, not full speed for sure but very happy to do it!!:)
Meals - pretty clean, like meal pictured above, smoothie 1 x favorite green smoothie...awesome!!:)
FUN - biking alot! saw new Godzilla movie...jess and i liked it:) alot of critics are not feeling it, but we liked it alot....SEEN IT? what do you think?
BBALL - want the HEAT, not a pacer fan in any way....SPURS look like champions though, heat and spurs in finals will be an awesome finals, but i think the spurs are off the charts good this year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

What is the most successful training & nutrition program?

      Why does Bill Doe look the exact same bodyfat, the same strength? Why do people start, quit and then re-start training programs and diets? The question has haunted people for as long as i've known people to be into "getting in shape". They want "THE WAY", they start it, only to end up going back to their tried and true crappy way of fitness where they are forever weak and out of shape!
I do not have all the answers, been a trainer since age 16, so have 34 years of experience....what i've learned is that simple works, listening to your heart works....listening to wise people that have done what you want to do and finding your way to do it yourself works! So what is that?
Training for strength & conditioning? Or training for balance? Or playing?
Nutrition for looks? Or for performance? Or for health & happiness?
Many many what is it?
Answer this question....if the world was in total dis-array and you wanted to survive ... would you care if you had 6 pack abs? Or would low impact aerobics classes make you feel safe? Or would being a yogi help you thru?
I think about these things alot, to ask why and what we are doing and does it make sense.
To me i want to be in shape, to be able to run to save self or loved ones, i want to be able to lift or carry self or loved ones to safety, to be able to defend us in case a situation arises.
So ask yourself this what you are doing now working? Are you in shape enough to run, carry, climb, and all other things necessary in order to save your ass and others?
Do you eat and drink in a way that supports this? Eating foods that give you energy instead of taking it away?
Is what you are doing now quackery or is it a plan that YOU enjoy and can stay on without worry?
What is quackery you ask? Quackery is any plan or program that has rigid ways you must follow... it is the one way (they believe) to get to where you want to it stronger and/or leaner. The problem with this that it is short lived, people following quackery fall off the band wagon, then look for another 'way' to follow only to fall off the plan again. 
SO what is the way? That is not for me to tell you what is best for you.....i have ways i like, they work for me, they give me health & happiness....they are good for people and planet...AND they are flexible so all can follow them....AND follow them on their own terms.
IF a person does not know what to do to get in life saving shape and health then how can they follow their own way??'s general and the ways are universal, followed by all animals around the globe.....and here they are;
Move naturally,  move like you did as a child....loving it!! Movement that makes you happy AND brings you closer to life saving shape,....find how you can do these movements in a way that you continually improve and grow! Maybe it's climbing, or gymnastics, or functional training, lifting odd objects or kettlebells, olympic bars are's Your 'Way"....does it also support a positive good for people and planet? Cause to me...that is one thing we all do good! And we can do that AND get in shape at the same time!! It may be a system like MBG, or others....but it's got to be your way so that you stick with it...that's what makes huge maybe for you it includes rock climbing 2 x week...or free running 2 times a week....and maybe includes yoga to keep you ache and pain free???? The thing feel & move better, stronger, can go for longer and you're happier because of it!!
Eat and Drink foods that energize you, and bring you health & happiness! Nutrition that sits well with you....not a construct of someone else's imagination but a way that works for you AND one that brings you closer to a level of health that continues to grow and evolve to one that supports your evolving physically more and more challenging life.  Again...this is your 'Way"....again, does it also support a positive good for people and planet? Can you eat/drink in a way that does you, people and planet a common good? YES!!... we can do that AND get in shape at the same time!!
MOVE, EAT, DRINK....find your way....a way that does you good 1st, that works to continually evolve your life to a higher place....2nd, a way that does people and planet a common good as well. My way works for me, it works for others too....i always remind people though, if it is NOT something they / you feel is sustainable for long term then it most likely is not going to work. SO find that 'way' that works in movement and foods that sits well with you, people and planet...have fun with's your life, time to make your mark and do all you can to live your best.
Maybe your way is constantly varied training like the mbg... maybe it's bodyweight, maybe it's kettlebells or olympic bars or all of the above! Maybe you do mix it with climbing, dancing, boxing.
Maybe your foods are alot of plants, but you love fish on fridays...fine, as long as it works for you and your evolving self and working to help people and that's great!!

Hoping this all helps you and inspires you to make a positive change in yourself, those around you and the planet we live on:)
Peace my friends!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Goal: Get Stronger! So far... LOTS of PR's!!

Recently Jess and I moved back to madison from chicago, goal was to simplify our life. Be Happier and Healthier!! Since coming back aside from working on the MBG business we've been getting back to regular training...but also getting more sleep!! Life here is simpler and we love it...that helps a TON! Because of a more simple lifestyle and getting more sleep all time PR's (personal records) are coming almost every week! It's funny what can happen when you eat plant strong, train the MBG way, do our Eischens Yoga a few times a week and REST!!:)
Just FYI  new PR's are marked with a *, and ties with old records a t**.
MBG Training with REST:)
  1. KB Cleans - all time record is 44s x 23, did only 1 when we moved back from chicago, 3 weeks ago did 44s x 18*!!!!...Last week i did 48's x 5*!!
  2. KB Clean Squat Press - had NEVER done 1 front squat with 44s!!....Til last week...did 44s x 1*
  3. KB front squat - 44's x 2!!*
  4. KB alt. back press - never got 48's before...last week did 48s x 5s*!!!
  5. KB dead lift - old PR was 84k's, last week did 92k's*!!! (405lbs)
  6. KB double Snatch - 36k's x 6*!!!!
  7. KB 1a Snatch - 48k x 8's (no rest btwn two) all time record is 10s* close!!:)
  8. KB seated on 18" box Military Press - 36k's x 1*!!
  9. Weighted Pullups - 36k x 2* (at a bodyweight of 215) about 295lb pullup!!*
  10. Bar Muscle Ups -13*!!!
  11. HSPU's x 5...not a all time record but i'm happy i'm doing them for reps again!!!:)
 10 PR's in the last month! Happy with how i'm feeling and how my training is coming along:)

Nutrition has been same as usual but been eating more nut butters and raw nuts lately...weight is up about 5lbs but that's cool:) Also i've been listening to how i feel big time, NOT training when tired or when not feeling up to it....resting takes guts:) SO REST!!
Basically eating;
  • Salad and beans, onions, mushrooms and dulse flakes OR quick oats, warrior food, berries, nuts
  • Spinach, berries, mango or banana, warrior food, almond milk
  • Honeycrisp apple and yumbutter cranberry and coconut peanut butter
  • Kale, mushrooms, onions, dulse, tempeh, almonds...maybe with some sweet potatoes!
  • hummus and cucumber

hope this helps and/or inspires you guys to get some rest and train hard as well:)
hope you're all doing great and hope to hear it too!!:)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How does the MBG get you amazing results in 60 days? Take these 5 simple steps!

Our Winner of the 60 Day Fitness Challenge Todd Gray now doing it all!! He lost 22lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle over the 60 days! Now look at him! This was an awesome challenge, 4 people with over 30lb positive changes! Averaged a 22.5lb positive change over the 60 days!!!!
WHY did he get such great results? Simple....he walked the MBG walk!! It works...we tested him to find out where he was to start things off in bodyfat, physical tests, posturally, nutritionally. THEN we put him on a plan to train, eat, restore that he can manage not just for 60 days but for good! THIS is the key to make all walk the walk for now and make a plan that is theirs!
It's as simple as this....5 steps to success!
1) Test day - gotta know where you're at before you can chart a course to where you want to go.
2) MAP it - once you know where you are you need to chart your course. This is where we help you layout a plan of action, class schedule from our strength, stamina and restoration classes....get you clear on plant strong nutrition for your goals.
3) GO! Begin the plan by following the scheduled workout, restoration classes AND your PS nutrition plan.
4) Keep Track of training and nutrition - this is key to re-route yourself onto a positive plan for you!!
5) Re-Test and Re-Map - every 30 days we will re-test you on all points and then re-map your plan of action so you get the best results.
It's simple, Todd and many others followed this and his and all others results proved it works great!!
Hope this helps you too!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What an awesome week!! 60 day challengers and more PRs!

Challenge Day was wicked hard but also showed great team work!!!
This week was kicked off last saturday with a GREAT start to our MBG 60 day fitness challenge. We have about 47 folks signed up for it and all gave 110% last saturday! Beginning with our Mo-Sta (tm) challenge, then our MBG S&C test. These two gave them a baseline to start with...then this week we taught them the how to MBG across the board. LOVE the energy and what's been happening this week. Yesterday all members challengers or not worked technique then found out....what can i do on cleans, presses and deadlifts....did we max out load? No! We worked up to low weight, then without touching failure or breakdown in form we had them see how many reps can you do with 24s/16s (men/women) on clean and press? Some got up to 25! So then they went up one level and checked it again, and again and again....MAN the CONFIDENCE GAINED WAS AMAZING!!!!  ALL walked out with a huge smile on their faces of self confidence and also the great feeling of helping others to break thru barriers as well!! The above picture is a perfect example of this...Tim is exhausted and giving his all...Noah his training partner is right there with him, not letting him quit but helping him to finish strong! THAT is awesome!!!
MBG 1 training - good day yesterday....25 reps with 24s on cleans and presses, then 12 with 36s, then 1 with 44s....on the deadlifts got 45 with 44s....okay that was a bit easy:) but it did get very hard at the end:) haha:) After this practiced bar muscle ups with less and less kipping...10 pretty easy with big kips, then kept working less and less til i got one from hang with very little kip which for me is great!
MBG 2 restoration - been doing alot of my eischens yoga, and mobility and stability work right after training for 2 rounds thru of 4-5 movements i really like...feels great!!
MBG 3 plant strong as hell eating! 
  1. Mixed greens, mushrooms, onions, black beans, walnuts, dulse flakes, flax oil
  2. spinach, mango, almond milk, warrior food....sometimes poured over 1/2 cup of oats:)
  3. mung beans, wild rice, kale and garlic
  4. apples
looking forward to starting this new cycle monday, looking forward to the big fight tonight, looking forward to wisconsin beating ASU:) 
hope you all have a great weekend!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm Back - training, eating, balancing the MBG Way...Check it out!

How?...Do the Monkey Bar Gym 15/15 workout!! Here i demo how to do it but with a variation for those that are high level!! Go for it my friends! The gold standard is 100 reps with 24s for men and 16s for women (thats sets of 5 all the way thru) once you have done that go heavy as you and learn!!

Hey my friends, it's been awhile and man ALOT has happened!
Jess and i are back 100% in madison, we're back teaching some classes, re-connecting with members, MBG licensees and MBG folk all over the world....very exciting cool!
Our training has been solid, we've been eating "Plant Strong as Hell" and doing our Eischens yoga and mobility drills regular too.
ALOT of changes, growth, challenges.
In the last month we have become FAR more focused and it is showing in all aspects. 
In the last month jess and i decided to attack instead of just go with the flow
decided to do everything possible to reach and surpass all previous physical feats of which now i believe will happenl....maybe not hitting my head on the rim:) but all others:)
SO here is how it's gone:
My MBG Training - just took stock of where i was....had alot of stress due to moving back to madison, selling my home in chicago and more, the move was stressful...also during this time Lifeline USA was sold and so more changes in my life there as well...SO i decided to get back to my roots, so re-began doing my own MBG workouts M, W, on eating Plant Strong As Hell and listening to my body so i can feel balanced and aligned....things got worked out, my walking the MBG 3 walk starting taking root and the results were awesome and still rising:
  • kb cleans were at only 3 x 44s!! now they're up to 13 with the 44s (all time record is 23 back in 2005-6)
  • kb push press were 2 with 36s, now they're 10 solid reps...then 2 at 40s (all time record is 5 back in 2005-6 i'd guess)
  • handstand push ups were a struggling 2-3, friday got 6 strong ones (all time record is 12 back in 2000)
  • bar muscle ups were a struggling 4, friday with no real MU focus over 2 months....12 easy!! a new PR!!
  • dunking - have not dunked in 3 summers but JUST barely missed two weeks ago and will go for it again today as i'm feeling stronger and stronger! All time record here is one that is off the charts so i'll be very happy simply cup dunking TODAY:) at 50!
  • Weight was about 210 at about 12% now it's 210 at about 9% as well.
By following the MBG cycle workouts, i've simplified my training and recovering better. Working out with the noon class is also helping as well as they are in shape big time here in madison, just like the crew in chicago (jeremy, matt and sam)!
WHY is this so? I'm thinking the stress and my do extra reps / work on my own basically fried me.....stepping back to simplier M,W,F MBG workouts made me focus more on less and my numbers have gone up each and every workout.....i'm very confident right now that i will break my all time records very soon. 
The MBG cycle workouts are working great! Next post will include my nutrition. Hope this inspires you and pushes you to follow the mbg workouts and to work hard to increase your numbers each workout and help others as well.
Peace my friends,